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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

I should be sleeping...

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...but I am not tired. Anyway, what better time than now to post a quick little update. After all, rambling on and on about how great my life is (ha ha) always puts me to sleep.

School is going, uh, okay? I am rocking the math course, still hating the English course, and I am not even doing the work in the science courses. That time without Internet I had recently killed my motivation. But despite not doing the work, I still got a 91% on my most recent Anatomy test. Luckily, the assignments are set up so that I can do them any time, and I will only lose 1% per day for each day that an assignment is late. If I can find time to do them (but not right now, of course), I can still get a good score later on.

What I wanted to really talk about is work. Work took a surprising turn. Larry was like, "Michael, look up online how to take your Type I HVAC certification. In the event that we get audited, I need you to be certified so we don't get in trouble." I learned that it was a certification that I can do online, and I took the test. And now I am certified to fix a majority of the HVAC things at GE. My sister wants me to ask if that means I get a pay raise, since I was put at $8.50 per hour (it is actually $10 per hour for 8 hours, but Tonya changes it $8.50 for 9.5 hours because of how her QuickBooks is set up) since I was not certified. Honestly, I don't care right now, because I make enough to fulfill my needs. But a raise wouldn't hurt. It doesn't even have to be an immediate raise. I would be fine with finishing this year at $8.50 per hour, and then getting an increase at the beginning of 2017.

Oh my, I just noticed that with the new Facebook integration, I can post these entries to Facebook. I will have to make sure that I never check that box. I would not want the people I talk about to read these entries. I would hate for my other life people to know what I think about them.

Speaking of other life people, I read some of my entries for the Journal I had on here (oh, so very long ago). I got sucked in to the entry about how I spent a weekend without electricity. I thought, did I actually experience that? It feels like it happened to someone else. And in a way, it did. I am a completely different person than that guy. The me now is like, how did I get by living so poor? I mean, I am still poor, but seriously, there is a big difference between living on $25 per week and $350 per week (after taxes).

I have been chronicling my life for the last 5.5 years, and I can hardly believe that so much has happened to me in that time. I started out living alone, and wanting to be with my family. And now I am with my family (they are cousins, but still family), and I'm wanting to be alone. The me then said I was not planning on going back to school, and now I'm in my second semester. The me then was all about the bicycle, and here I am now working on getting my driver's license (I just need time to take the road test). The me then could speak three languages, and now I am conversant in 8 (well, 9, if you count ASL).

Anyway, I need to get some sleep. 5am comes pretty early, and I want to show off my new certificate at work tomorrow. There is a corkboard in our office where we put all of our certifications, and now I get to put my first certification on there. It will be so great! Well, I hope to see you around the forums, and until then...



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