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The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

I will be posting regular updates of my life. It will be pretty much in the same style as my journal from before. For more information on me or anything about my life up to this point, please feel free to look here.

  1. A License to drive the royal chariot...

    by , 03-08-2017 at 03:13 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
    Forgive the title. I wanted to keep with the royal theme for a little longer.

    Anyway, it's fitting because I can drive a car legally on the roads, and without a licensed driver in the vehicle. What is this craziness!? I, who planned on riding a bike for the rest of my life, is now able to drive a car? This world is for sure gone loopy.

    And the best part in all of this is that I can finally start filing for my passport. Before when I started researching passport ...
  2. The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle

    by , 03-04-2017 at 02:00 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
    Okay, first let's just say that I have some great luck with the title for part V of this whole story. The place I was shown from craigslist was okay, but my boss's rental property was nicer (if $50 more expensive). Anyway, I am going to own this place one day. Anyway, the title. I live on Castle Avenue. So, King of his Castle is extremely fitting.

    Moving on to other stuff...

    I have Internet at this place. I have some food, and dishes, and a chair to sit in. I ...
  3. Searching for my own castle...

    by , 02-23-2017 at 05:34 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
    So, it has been four months since my last entry. Honestly, not a lot of stuff has happened. Well, that's not true. A bunch of stuff has happened, but nothing that I felt needed written here.

    Here's a brief rundown of what has happened since the last time I wrote:

    - My sister lost her job at Walmart. She has not worked since. She owes me $690.
    - I failed three of my four courses at college, because I didn't catch up on the little assignments. I aced the ...
  4. Clean up, clean up...

    by , 10-16-2016 at 04:16 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
    everybody, everywhere! Clean up, clean up! Everybody, do your share!

    Does anyone else get this song stuck in your head when you are cleaning up something? I do, and I most certainly did this weekend. I had so much homework to do this weekend, and as usual, I found something else to do instead. I cleaned my extremely messy room and closet! On Saturday, I tackled the actual bedroom, and today was the closet. I love working at GE, but after work, I am way too tired to keep things ...
  5. I should be sleeping...

    by , 10-02-2016 at 10:32 PM (The Michael Swayne Story V: King of his Castle)
    ...but I am not tired. Anyway, what better time than now to post a quick little update. After all, rambling on and on about how great my life is (ha ha) always puts me to sleep.

    School is going, uh, okay? I am rocking the math course, still hating the English course, and I am not even doing the work in the science courses. That time without Internet I had recently killed my motivation. But despite not doing the work, I still got a 91% on my most recent Anatomy test. Luckily, ...
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