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Kurt Zisa

Over a week since my last one.

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But who's counting?

I've been unable to post anything the past four or five days, and seeing as I'm going away again for a couple of days I figured I should post something here to clear away the cobwebs.

On Thursday I'm going on a trip with my girlfriend and her parents (yay..) to Whitanga, pronounced "Fiti- anga" with less emphasis on the first 'a'. The two of us were going to go originally but her parents were always planning on going there too, so we agreed to split the costs of an apartment studio thing instead of staying at a motel. Whitianga is very close to the sea and is somewhere on the Coromandel Peninsular, about 2 hours away from where I live. I think you need to take a ferry to get to the beach so I'll be sure to bring my camera to take some photos to show you guys if I ever get round to doing it.

I've got a wisdom tooth coming through at the moment which means my jaw hurts and I'm irritable. On top of that one of my front teeth has chipped so a trip to the dentist is probably going to be happening in my near future.

There was going to be more but I'm too tired to think of anything to write down. I've started on Final Fantasy VIII and have just been promoted to SeeD. I think. It's possible I'm a bit further down the line. Oh wait I'm going with Quistis to the 'secret area' in the training room. I've been Drawing magic like crazy and got Siren off that Boss with little difficulty.

So yeah that's all for now and if all goes well i'll see you guys on Saturday most likely. Take care until then.

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