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Kurt Zisa

Can I make a blog in less than 20 minutes?

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Probably not, but i'll still try, dang-it!

So today we had our first national New Zealand wide (same thing) earthquake drill and I found out, to my amazement and with a bit of squeezing, I can fit under a lecture theater desk! Would you believe that's something I've been wanting to try and do all year long? You'd be correct for thinking so, well done you.

Not that i'm making a joke out of the earthquakes we've been having down south recently, but I can be quite simple minded sometimes. Just yesterday I found out the uni has a B block, and in my excitement I went out of my way to walk past it and look inside. You could say I'm naturally curious but I think I'm a bit of both really.

OK, 5 minutes left, I can do this. Since my ps2 has died, I've playing a bit more of my DS games in my free time, along with study of course. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has been the focus of my gaming attention recently and I'm having a whale of a time. Is that even the right spelling of the word?

Look, sorry I've got to go to my next lecture but I've got an hour break after that so i'll most likely be back online. I am such a devoted student. See you guys around.

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  1. Dodie16's Avatar
    I remember having tornado drills when I was in elementary school. We had to get in the hallway and put a textbook over our heads. Thank goodness we never actually had a tornado hit our school. I dunno how effective that method would have been...
  2. Alpha's Avatar
    I totally forgot about this. I heard some people in class complaining because their Hall turned on the alarm at 9.26am, and it woke them up.
  3. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Yeah i was always told that hiding in a bath was a good way to survive a tornado because... well i'm not too sure why. We never got much in the way of severe weather in the Channel Islands, so tornado's (lol or anything else) were never an issue. It snowed once, mind you.

    And Alpha I guess it was more for other areas of NZ that aren't affected by the quakes. I only heard about it on Tuesday so I have no idea.