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Kurt Zisa

Billlllllllllllllllllllyy yyyyyyyyy!

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Did that catch your attention? Anyway...

[Horrifically off-key]
Who’s the greatest warrior ever?
A hero of renown?

Who slayed an Evil Ocean?
Who cast the The Litch King down?
And that time the evil Fire Count
Captured a damsel fair.
Who saved her with such brav'ry
That she offered him her hair?


I really like that song especially the bear at the end. I just listened to it three times. What, this doesn't count as a blog? Oh well...
I'm too tired to think of much to say. If it let me post earlier when I could remember stuff, all would have been just dandy. I've got tomorrow morning off (Hells Yeah) so i'll come back with an actual post. For now i'll leave you with that song, please view it and tell me what you think but it's best played loud so maybe do it at home or on headphones or something. Haha like you need me to tell you how to listen to youtube links that are forced upon you.

Yeah i'll come back here tomorow morning and post something a bit more substantial.
Time Sent: 7.49pm.

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