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  1. Guess what arrived

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    For some reason that came out sideways. I'm super excited to play this - too bad I won't be able to start it for another day or so, unless my gf has enough space on her ps3 for a temporary playthrough.

    Looking forward to discussing this with you guys just as much. Yay!
  2. 1095 days

    It's been what, 4 months since I updated this? I've been meaning to since the start of the new year but I kept putting if off for a variety of reasons.

    Had a pretty awesome few days of gaming. I beat The Emperor for the first time on Final Fantasy II, and completed Metal Gear Rising Revengence on Easy Mode.

    Whenever I'd step foot into Pandemonium i'd get jumped by a group of Dark Knights, or Death Riders, or whatever they're called, and my party would get picked off one ...
  3. Pokemon LeafGreen - Meet the Crew Part 2

    I know I said this wouldn't get updated all the time, but I figured it would be good to do it every time I beat a Gym, as they start to get a bit more spaced out from now on.

    There aren't any new additions to my team, everyone has just leveled up 3 three times and have a couple new attacks.

    After posting yesterday's Blog, my team and I have beaten our rival for the 3rd time. Despite having one less Pokemon we were a good two levels ahead of his strongest guy, so if anything ...
  4. Pokemon LeafGreen - Meet the Crew

    After having Pokemon Blue for the past... 12ish years I've finally got a chance to play it's remake: LeafGreen, and aside from most of the music, I'm really enjoying it.

    I want to make a sort of walkthrough Blog of the game as I play through it, just posting my team's stats, moves and my overall progress in the game. It'l be a bit like when I did the Final Fantasy IV Blogs a while ago which you can find if you look back to last year's entries.

    Ok, on to the game!

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  5. We bought a wii

    And i'm not too sure what to do with it. A new EB Games opened up in a shopping center about 40 minutes away from where I lived, so my girlfriend and I went to check it out because why not.

    Anyway they had this storewide sale and one of the things they were selling was a pre-owned wii for NZ$84 and then things went like this:

    GF: It's so cheap!
    Me: yeah i guess it is
    GF: we need this!
    Me:... really?
    GF: We've always wanted one
    Me: I only know ...
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