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Haven't been very active on this site lately simply because i've had so much going on in my life.. the biggest thing was me getting to be a full time parent to my daughter, but not only that, she started kindergarten here with me as well. wasn't something planned either. im financially stable and as i seen her mother struggling with certain troubles in her life i asked "does samarah need to stay with me" and then, BAM!! just kinda jumped into it.. needless to say, that was a HUGE life change.. I know it sounds scary but its not that hard except for me working over nites.. that inconveniences me, but by now we've got to the groove of things and a pretty good routine down.. she's such a good kid and i am very happy to have had such a beautiful girl inside and out..
anyway. ill introduce the few who reads this to my baby girl.. her name is SAMARAH.. where did that name come from you ask? well my ex's name is sarah and im marcus SAmarAH.. we basically mixed our names.. ooh and shes mixed too..
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