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Yo Yo Yo

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Don't I look like an asshole, saying I'm gonna be active then having my computer smashed. Needless to say it's been tricky to get my work done, much less forum, but hey, here I am for a quick update.

Quit my job. Just up and quit. Which was the dumbest choice I've made so far. However, I found a great girl to keep me company so I gotta be doing something right. Adjusting to glasses fairly well, and I'm kicking ass in my last semester.

I love all of you guys, and I promise I'm not dead nor have I forgotten about you. I'll have a new job within two weeks, then enough pay to repair my computer a few weeks after that. Meanwhile, I got invited to write for my school's literature journal (titled "The Rhapsodist; isn't that nifty?) So if I choose to make something, I'll post it here, too.

Rhapso out

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  1. Rhaps's Avatar
    How embarassing, I forgot the end quote on "Rhapsodist." Some author I am lol