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It's over, son

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All of it. School, relationship, everything. I'm done. She left today, and frankly I'm in a tossup between not giving a damn and feeling like my heart is missing. I graduate tomorrow for ****s sake. On that note, I'm going to school at UNC-G if anyone else happens to be interested. Finally got accepted somewhere.

Anyways, in my little fit of loneliness I made a new friend, and have begun rocking FFV again. Between it and VIII I think I've finally found my favorite FF's.

I also quit Wally World in favor of working in a nursing home kitchen. It's wonderful in comparison. Short hours, quick pace, loads of days. My ideal part time work.

Other than that I guess I'ma spend the summer lurking here, healing up, and getting ready to go to College, Figaro Style.

Night guys.


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  1. Taco-Calamitous's Avatar
    As someone once told me just now, "when one door closes, several more open up. Things will get better." Keep the head up young man! Also, congratulations on the new job :3
  2. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Yeah. Wally World is the pits. I endured that shithole for 8 months. No bueno.
  3. OceanEyes28's Avatar
    Hey man. Sorry about your ill-timed breakup, but it sounds like you need something more than she has to offer. I hope you're doing well enough. Congrats on graduating and a better job!
  4. Rocky's Avatar
    i know youre not gonna want to hear this right now, but its definitely for the best that youre no longer with your gf at the moment. not only you are getting ready to enjoy the whole summer with no responsibilities and make it all about you, you get to go to college, which is most definitely a big step up in terms of meeting new people (read; girls).

    enjoy the summer days while you still have the chance and dont let a former relationship rain on your parade! We're all gonna make it brah /zyzz

    also, ff5 is pretty good, ff8 is really good too (maybe i have nostalgia glasses on idk) and FIUCK walmart, good for you to find a much more chilll job.
  5. Rhaps's Avatar
    Thank you, everyone. I swear, the best support comes from this place
  6. loaf's Avatar
    I've gotten more moral support from my internet friends then any of my IRL have ever shown. One time one of my internet friends woke up to a note from his GF who we all knew and came in our chat room regularly had broke up with him. He was probably going to do some bad things but he logged on and talked to about 8 of us online at the time and this new light appeared and realized that the best friends ever were right inside his monitor.

    Dude FFV is tits. It has the best Chocobo Song ever.

    Cid and Mid are just the best. Smartest Cid ever right there. Hi Atmosphere flying...normal fast flying....SUBMARINE MODE?!?! Watch out Ragnarok you slow SPACEship.
  7. Rowan's Avatar
    Youll find more compassionate people online as emotion expressed IRL is harder for most than it is over the internet, is as pretty much everything else.

    look on the bright side. There is a girl out there waiting for you to come along, a girl who you're gonna mean the world too and appreciates you.
  8. Yoko's Avatar
    I want to say what they all just said, but they all can say it better than I can. Chin up bro! Find the love in FF. There is so much love in these games, it's awesome. It's all the love I need....ever.

    Trust me, going into college single was probably the best decision that could have been made. It might bite a little at first, but you will se, in time.

    Congrats on accidentally a whole graduation. That's a big achievement.