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Recently I have been doing quite a bit of gaming while not at work.


I play on like 4 different online multiplayer servers, and run one of my own. I never get tired of playing minecraft, and put a solid 2 hours a day into it.

League of Legends

for a while I was playing the shit out of LoL, but slowly stopped as my friends stopped playing. Played a few games with Rocky, pretty sure he doesn't wanna play another game with me after I cause us to lose by going 0-14 with Olaf. In my defense was shit faced.

Saint Row: The Third

I got this game yesterday from gamefly, and have played it about 50% through already. I was a big fan of the first two games, and this one is just as good. Only thing I have had a problem with is the Prof. Genki takeover missions you have to do with the little traps and shit its dumb.

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