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So pretty much trying to get everything down on this new set-up that they got going. Gotta say everything looks very good to me.

Edit: Have gone around and figured some shit out, so shall edit my blog post with some legit content.

Life has been going fairly good for me lately. Got myself a job good as a department manager at Lowe's over the Outside Lawn & Garden dept. Making myself some good money.

I have been giving a little bit of thought lately on re- enlisting in the marines. Still thinking on that.

saw Che was checking out my blog

Will be updating my blog daily with my day to day activities, and things involving gaming.

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  1. Alpha's Avatar
    I am reallly, really confused.

    [additional characters] ... told you this would happen
  2. Josh_R's Avatar
    I am semi confused by everything sorta kinda