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  1. Gaming

    Recently I have been doing quite a bit of gaming while not at work.


    I play on like 4 different online multiplayer servers, and run one of my own. I never get tired of playing minecraft, and put a solid 2 hours a day into it.

    League of Legends

    for a while I was playing the shit out of LoL, but slowly stopped as my friends stopped playing. Played a few games with Rocky, pretty sure he doesn't wanna play another game with me after ...
  2. Dafuq

    So pretty much trying to get everything down on this new set-up that they got going. Gotta say everything looks very good to me.

    Edit: Have gone around and figured some shit out, so shall edit my blog post with some legit content.

    Life has been going fairly good for me lately. Got myself a job good as a department manager at Lowe's over the Outside Lawn & Garden dept. Making myself some good money.

    I have been giving a little bit of thought lately ...

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