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I hate today

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It's nothing personal. I just happen to hate October 6. It started off perfectly fine, back in 2003, with it being my first girlfriends birthday. It became my second girlfriends anniversary date two years later. Obviously neither of those relationships ended well. Six years ago it served as the sandwich date in between my grandmother and dad's deaths of the 5th and 7th.I just wanted to say that I hate October 6 on principle. I didn't know where else to vent this and to also point out how absurd it is that so many formative moments in my life either happened on or around this date. Otherwise, I'm doing alright. Listening to music on Pandora before I go to sleep. It's just weird every year , knowing it'll be another since I've seen my dad. I miss him and wish I could just bullshit with him or get advice about life.Oh well. I'll make it through

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  1. loaf's Avatar
    I don't really like Halloween anymore. More of a 50/50 these days.
  2. OceanEyes28's Avatar
    Damn, October 6, wtf chill out
  3. LocoColt04's Avatar