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Happy and Working.

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I have 2 jobs and am holding them pretty well however I also have friends and the GYM monday-friday balancing them is beginning to suck and i'm wondering whether or not to let something slide,i'll probably figure it out soon I guess.

Also I have a crush which I dislike I haven't had a crush since I was like 14 and now I'm getting lazy about personal stuff. XD Seems like I should at least take a swing at it though even though dating just isn't that fun unless it's drinking and when it is drinking i never get far. I said I'd take her to some shitty pizza and milkshake place and she seemed happy, now i'm just trying to find a day off to take her. Also i need to learn to drive it's actually becoming annoying i'm fine with walking but you can't walk all the time without badly inconveniencing yourself, oh and i should probably quit smoking but **** that noise..

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