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Nothing like a good blog in the morning.

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Hey look mum I just blogged.

I like this blog idea for some reason I felt like I had to write a fiction book when writing my journal, it felt like I was paraphrasing my day to day life and it was off-putting. So hopefully I will try and keep this one short and sweet.

I have to think of a way to set this out and keep it that way because that is my biggest problem is running with a single set out the problem is my thoughts come to me randomly and that.s what happens when you have so much on your mind, I may decide to have like a little blog about parenthood and the little ups and downs or hiccups based on being a father. If I have a main focus or topic to centre on that may help me because truth be told I find recounting what happens to me day in day out personally is a bit drab and monotonous .

Raising kids 101- I learned a valuable lesson today, kids can only focus on one thing at a time, I now only give them one egg at a time because humpty dumpty did have a big fall.

Do you ever proof read something you have typed or written and you get to a word and it doesn't look right so you say it over and over again in your head and that does no good it just makes it worse and makes you sound a bit retarded ( pardon my political correctness) well that is how I felt when I typed learned, it just doesn't sound right.

Fun Facts- A moot point is an argument or topic that is not worth discussing or is irrelevant but when the term was first coined it was the exact opposite meaning, often councils or clergies would come together for a moot or meet to discuss relevant topics.

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