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Ryu-Kentoshii Hirokima

First Blog Entry!

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Okay, Well, Lately I Have Been Doing Well. Starting To Get Active On The Forums Again, Yay I Miss Everyone Here On TFF. Anyway, I Finally Platinum'd FFXIII-2, My First Ever Platinum'd Game On My PS3!!! I Am So Happy Only Took Me 105 Hours And 52 Minute To Do It. Anyway, I Now Have A Total Of 8 Games For My PS3, And 2 Blu-Ray Movies: AvN(Aliens vs. Ninjas) & FFVII Advent Children Complete, BOOYAH!!! So I Am Happy Right Now Just Cannot Wait To Get Pokémon White Version 2 On The Nintendo DS, Which Comes Out On The 7th Of October 2012. Also Cannot Wait For Lightning Returns: FFXIII. I Wonder What It Is Going To Look Like And How It Will Feel When It Comes Out In 2013. At Any Rate, I Am Having Tacos Tonight, Yay Mexican Food For The Win! Hahahahahahahaha LULZ

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