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Screaming With Accompaniment

I write blogs like J.R.R. Tolkien writes stories... Pull up a chair and a dictionary and let me tell you the tale of a guy like me.

  1. I Create As I Speak

    I'm sipping a Good Doctor and thinking about the sinking that is going on in reality outside my door. *looks at the Good Doctor* For those of you who do not know. A Good Doctor is as much bourbon(I like maker's mark) as you can stand, "Snap" ginger liquor, strong Ginger Beer(anything with cayene and ginger sediment) and three Moonshine Cherries. It's got a caramel color and a fresh taste.

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    Every time I sip this drink the world ...

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  2. Don't Turn Your Back on this City

    Idk when it was...sometime in late April. I marked it on my calendar, but it's a new month now, so the exact date is lost to me. I'd look it up, but...Hah, I'm far too lackadaisical. Besides, you don't care as much, if not, more than I don't. As I said, late April. I was in Nashville, Tenn. There was the big looming AT&T building, looking like someone tried to make a Skyscraper into a Batman sculpture. What a ****ing skyline. Anyway, I digress. It was early days for The Concert. So ...

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