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Top 10 Albums, 2015

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Hello, everyone! Guess what? I come here today to present you a list that is indisputably the best albums of 2015, according to me. No one can deny that these are the best ten albums this year, according to myself. If you think that I don't think that these are the top ten best albums this year, I think that you are probably wrong, and should rethink what you are thinking about that. So without further ado...

10. The Bombadils - Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet
So from the Great Wide North comes a folk group that put out a pretty, catchy album this past year. "Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet" is their second album (I've never heard the first) and a rather relaxing listen. Their sound really invokes the album title; You can just see the green surrounding you as you listen to their music.
Standout Track - Portrait

9. Murder by Death - Big Dark Love
With a name like that, you'd expect some kinda death metal act, eh? Well, you'd be wrong; Murder by Death is something like a cross between indie and alt country, and hail from the Midwest. Lead singer guy invokes Johnny Cash with his deep singing voice, and it fits in well with their music. Another fairly relaxing listen.
Standout Track - Natural Pearl

8. Pet Symmetry - Pets Hounds
A couple years ago, these guys put out a single of two songs with really long names. Their music wasn't super exciting, but it was certainly interesting; one of the tracks was about driving around and breaking stuff. Now, they've come out with a fairly short full length album this year-comes in at around 25 minutes. Basically, they're an indie alternative rock band, I think on Asian Man Records (at least that single from two years ago was). I think this is a side project for the lead singer, but I like this better than the other thing I've heard from him.
Standout Track - Give Thanks (Get Lost)

7. Faith No More - Soul Invictus
For the first time in like 18 years, these guys have put out a new album. Pretty much, it sounds like something you would expect them to come out with, as it kinda follows in the same vein as "Album of the Year." When ya look at Mike Patton, you'd think it was still like '99 anyway, given how young he still looks. Him and Johnny Depp seem to have found the fountain of youth; maybe it involves not drinking beer, doing any drugs, and eating healthy. But yeah; Patton still has an amazing voice. My favorite tracks on this album are a couple of the longest ones (unfortunately, most of these songs are longer than I usually like).
Standout Track - Superhero

6. Mutoid Man - Bleeder
Another side project for a singer, I think. Another album that's pretty short. This one is a little more metal, however. I think this is the second album for this project, but don't hold me to that. I just really like the way it flows; there's not a track on this that I would skip. It's fun and exciting all the way through, and I don't think there's a slow track on it.
Standout Track - 1000 Mile Stare

5. Calexico - Edge of the Sun
I've been aware of Calexico for a bit longer than the majority of those other artists, up there (aside from Faith No More, obviously). They got an interesting sound, ranging from folk, to alt country, to like salsa (especially on one track on this album). This is another largely relaxing choice on this list. If you've never listened to them, you oughta. Especially if you just wanna chill.
Standout Track - Tapping on the Line

4. Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool?
If you ever listened to "the Arrogant Sons of Bitches" or "Bomb the Music Industry!," then maybe you know who Jeff Rosenstock is. If you haven't, then maybe you don't know who he is. He's definitely a guy who plays music. I think the Arrogant Sons of Bitches started around the turn of the millenium (they were like a ska band), and when that ended, he started Bomb the Music Industry! on his own (and then it turned into a full band). I listened to a little bit of ASoBs, but I didn't really listen to BtMI! much, unfortunately for me. He seems like a really cool dude, in any case, especially if Mike Park likes him. His mouth can open super wide, for certain. "We Cool?" is essentially some indie rock with keyboards and shouting. It speeds up and slows down, and it's always fun.
Standout Track - Hey Allison!

3. Smokey Bastard - Back to the Drawing Room
I didn't know these guys existed until last month. Apparently they've been putting stuff out since last decade, however, and this is their first release in like 4 years. They're a folk punk band, from a place (I'm not sure where). When I first got "Back to the Drawing Room," I thought, "eh, this is gonna be another Dropkick Murphies/Flogging Molly wannabe, like the Dreadnoughts or something." I underestimated how much I like Dropkick Murphies/Flogging Molly wannabes similar to the Dreadnoughts, however. This album is a lot of fun, has a lot of energy throughout. You will not get bored listening to it, I promise you. Unless you bore easily, in which case, you smell funny.
Standout Track - Rats

2. Four Year Strong - Four Year Strong
Four Year Strong have been around for a little while, I don't know exactly how long. Imagine A New Found Glory, but perhaps 50 to 60 percent more hardcore, and that's kinda what you get from them (on this album, at least. And the EP they put out last year). Are they Pop Punk, circa 2000? Yeah, pretty much. Is that a problem? Maybe for some. However, I still enjoy stuff like that; it's fun, energetic, and would be great to mosh to.
Standout Track - Heres to Swimming With Bow Legged Women

1. toby fox - Undertale OST
toby fox is a guy who did a thing. A thing one might call "Undertale." Like, he did nearly everything involved in it; the writing, the programming, the art design, the characters... the music. Undertale is one of the best games I have played in a very long time. I generally do not play video games anymore, and I played Undertale TWICE. Not even to get a different ending, either; I just wanted to do another pacifist run because I loved the characters so much. Anyway, the music in this game is awesome. It ranges from traditional RPG music to chiptune rock. If you haven't played it yet, you totally should. It will fill you with... DETERMINATION.
Standout Track - Hopes and Dreams

Also, I have crappy music that you can listen to here and here. Shut up.

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