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Going Classic Mode!

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My mom finally admitted the Wii she and my stepfather bought (all the way back at launch) for their house is basically a really expensive dust collector. Soo...I'm taking care of it for now. Woo! Glad I kept the controller from my dearly departed GameCube, which died years ago and was never replaced.

First game I picked up for it? Mario Kart Wii! Forgot how fun it is. Anyone else still playing it? If so add me, my friend code is 3011-0232-9866. I'm working on unlocking everything, the computer AI is just so cheap. =/ Oh and I don't play custom tracks yet, no Homebrew for me for awhile.

Know what else really excites me about having a Wii? I sold almost all of my GameCube games (assumed I wouldn't be getting another Nintendo console, for a number of reasons), but I did keep a couple. One was Tales of Symphonia, which was the game I was playing when my GameCube died so I never got to finish it. Hell, I think I only made it a couple hours in anyway. But the other game...the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest bonus disc that sold with Wind Waker preorders! My WW copy is long gone, but I could never give up OoT. Woo! I just picked up a new GameCube memory card so I can actually save GameCube games, so excited. I plan in picking up the GCN version of Twilight Princess as soon as I can find a copy, I always wanted to play it but of course with my GameCube dead and me being less than thrilled about motion controls...never got the chance.

This is really obscure too but I'd love to find a copy of Zoids: Battle Legends at some point. Apparently it's the only good Zoids game out there, aside from maybe the GBA Zoids: Legacy, which I also never played.

So anyone want to recommend some games for me? Primarily GCN games. I need to pick up another copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee, that's kind of a given. What else?

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  1. SuperSabin's Avatar
    I specialize in gamecube games, this is my personal recommendation: Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, Custom Robo, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, Sonic Mega Collection, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Mega Man X Collection, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, Soul Calibur II, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, and Mario Party 6.
  2. DragonHeart's Avatar
    I actually had SMS and M: P. Sigh. So many games I regret selling. Assault is good? I heard some mixed reviews on that, loved 64 though.