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Final Fantasy XIII-2

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I know, I'm quite behind the times. I've been playing this over the past week and have been pleasantly surprised. I remember being super confused by one of the mega trailers for it on PSN and that made me reluctant to try it. But when it went up on the store for just $20 well, who can resist.

I like the story. Sure it's not especially deep and as a given with time travel, the story suffers from some flaws and inconsistencies. But even with the flaws, I'm finding it enjoyable. It's entertainment, not a treatise on the human condition. It keeps me entertained and actively wanting to play it, and that's the important part.

I do like Noel a lot, surprisingly. He's not quite as over the top as some other characters, and I find him to be quite personable really. The fact that he's not super emo about his situation has a lot to do with it, I think, and makes him a good counterpoint to broody Caius. Speaking of, Caius himself is a relatable antagonist, which is pretty rare. The voice helps. He has a goal and for once it's not solely the destruction of the world for no reason. It's not a goal so much as it is a cause and while his actions are deplorable, it makes him heroic in his own way.

It's interesting how SE seems to be moving away from evil for evil's sake sort of villains and taking on some interesting questions about what defines good or evil. Sometimes it's a matter of perspective.

Anyway, I'm almost at the end of the story right now. I got my butt kicked repeatedly by Chaos Bahamut and I think a lot of the problem is that I haven't spent much time leveling up my monsters. Or catching good ones, for that matter. My Urdimmu has served me well for much of the game but it's time to upgrade. Right now I'm slowly hunting down a Green Chocobo, a Cloudburst and I haven't decided what to use for a sentinel mob yet. I might not even use the Cloudburst, I might go with whichever Chocobo is the ravager. The blue one? I also have a Behemoth to level. Just starting to get into really looking at infusing and how that all works. Probably should have done that sooner, but ah well. At least farming stuff is pretty easy at this level.

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  1. Andromeda's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree. Caius was a really interesting villain. He truly and genuinely cares for the one that he is trying to save from her fate. His methods could use some work, but he is quite human in his motivation. And Noel was actually pretty good. He had some awkward moments, but overall I think he did well. Serah sometimes was the stranger one, but it's a fun game. I think I remember seeing you playing the game. I'm game you enjoyed it. It's really fun.
  2. DragonHeart's Avatar
    I'm just glad he doesn't get all down and emo like main heroes and such tend to get in these games. He had his one plot required Moment of Doubt and then back to business as usual. Kind of like Zidane, now that I think about it. It's just refreshing to have a hero come from literally the end of the world and still manage to be so...normal. He's much more even-tempered than Snow, but he's not as serious as Lightning either. It's a nice balance, given the story.

    I do not like Serah that much, she's such a doormat. =/ I hate that the story requires her to be so passive, almost timid. I had the exact same thought Noel did about why she didn't just go after Snow when he left, but that would have been an action and then she wouldn't have needed saving at New Bodhum. Meh. As long as I don't think about it too hard it does well enough for what it is, I suppose.
  3. loaf's Avatar
    Don't get me started on Snow lol.
  4. HeroZero's Avatar
    ...I am curious how you feel about the game after the credits roll. I also suggest hunting down the extra endings and watching the lightning DLC ending (if you don't want to buy it).
  5. Andromeda's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm looking forward to hear what you think, though if you haven't been careful on the forums. The ending might have already been spoiled for you. I know some is sort of spoiled by Lightning Returns if you're following it. They've been vague enough it doesn't spell out the end of XIII-2.

    Honestly, I don't really think the Lightning DLC really adds much to the story, not as much as people made it out to be. It is certainly an interesting point of view, but I would have been just as fine without it. The extra endings are actually pretty fun to do. There are some that are just entertaining, Square was having fun with some and others I actually really like the "paradox" they bring.
  6. DragonHeart's Avatar
    Well hopefully I'll have some thoughts for both of you on the weekend! Busy week so I'm only playing for a couple hours a day right now, and most of that is just farming.

    It has kinda sorta been spoiled for me (read too far in a walkthrough) but there wasn't enough detail for me to outright know what's going to happen. I do know that there are multiple paradox endings, and those I probably won't get to until I reach post-game with my second file, which has a much better setup.