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Almost vacation know what that means.

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Games! Lots and lots of them.

I actually haven't really been playing many games at all lately. :/ But I'll have all kinds of free time since I took 10 days off from work, woo. (Technically only 6, just including my normal days off with it.) The question is...what to play. I have two main options, really. Go for the games I already have current playthroughs of, or start something new. 50/50 on that right now.

I've also been having some major nostalgia attacks that make me want to play some older Final Fantasy games. The problem there...which one!? Too many to choose from...and of course I'm still in the midst of my FFX HD replay, at Macalania if I recall correctly.

I know I want to play through and finish at least one FF that I haven't before. I've played virtually all of the main games but I haven't completed about half of them. I'm also thinking about picking up at least one classic RPG off the PSN that I never got around to, since back then I played FF almost exclusively. There's a lot to choose from.

Basically, I want to pick 4 games to play. 1 Final Fantasy, 1 classic RPG, 1 nostalgic game and 1 of the games I'd already started but haven't finished yet. That might even be a little ambitious given the RPGs, but I'm only talking about story runs, not necessarily 100% completion. That can come later.

So here are my lists:

Final Fantasy main games - not completed yet:

Notes: On some of these I did make it all the way to the final boss or final area, such as with III, VII and possibly V. I honestly don't remember and would be doing full runs on whatever I end up playing.

Nostalgic Game Attack:

Tales of the Abyss (isn't it on 3DS now? I still have the original)

Classic RPGs (open to suggestions not listed here as long as they are downloadable on PSN / 3DS)

Chrono Trigger / Cross (I did play Trigger before, been so long though)
FF Tactics
Threads of Fate
Wild Arms

Games I'm non-playing:

Darksiders 2
Dragon Age: Origins - close to the end
Final Fantasy X HD - just entered Macalania
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - stuck on final boss
The Last of Us - just plain stuck

Other Games - have but haven't played, need to finish something else first, etc. Not including PS+ freebies...there's a lot of those.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood / Revelations / Black Flag - played Brotherhood but never finished it for some reason; haven't played the other 2.
LR:FFXIII - need to finish XIII-2 first
Tales of Symphonia - I have the Gamecube it on release, played a few hours and my Gamecube died...kept the game but never replaced the console, lol.
White Knight Chronicles 2 - I know the online servers shut down ages ago, it would just be for the story; friend got it for me for Christmas >_>

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