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  1. Almost vacation know what that means.

    Games! Lots and lots of them.

    I actually haven't really been playing many games at all lately. :/ But I'll have all kinds of free time since I took 10 days off from work, woo. (Technically only 6, just including my normal days off with it.) The question is...what to play. I have two main options, really. Go for the games I already have current playthroughs of, or start something new. 50/50 on that right now.

    I've also been having some major nostalgia attacks that make ...
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  2. Okami: Platinum Run

    I'm actually almost done with my Platinum run for Okami. Got three trophies left: the Kai race, the stray beads, and the cherry tree on game total results.

    Kai is...tough. It'll take some practice to beat her through Yoshpet. Those thorn barriers get me every time, eh.

    Stray beads took forever, I'm actually down to two left. The one from beating Kai and the one from beating Blockhead Grande. He will need both practice and luck.

    I have no idea if I'll ...
  3. Going Classic Mode!

    My mom finally admitted the Wii she and my stepfather bought (all the way back at launch) for their house is basically a really expensive dust collector. Soo...I'm taking care of it for now. Woo! Glad I kept the controller from my dearly departed GameCube, which died years ago and was never replaced.

    First game I picked up for it? Mario Kart Wii! Forgot how fun it is. Anyone else still playing it? If so add me, my friend code is 3011-0232-9866. I'm working on unlocking everything, ...
  4. Perfectionism in Gaming

    It's not always a good thing.

    I'm literally at the end of XIII-2 in one file, as I mentioned yesterday. Well the thing is, I came across a guide that show me how to maximize Crystarium stats for Noel and Serah. I also did a lot of rushing to get to the next part of the story, as is my wont, and have become generally dissatisfied with the way I progressed. So I started a new file. Yeah.

    Going much slower this time around, trying to make sure I complete as much as possible ...
  5. Final Fantasy XIII-2

    I know, I'm quite behind the times. I've been playing this over the past week and have been pleasantly surprised. I remember being super confused by one of the mega trailers for it on PSN and that made me reluctant to try it. But when it went up on the store for just $20 well, who can resist.

    I like the story. Sure it's not especially deep and as a given with time travel, the story suffers from some flaws and inconsistencies. But even with the flaws, I'm finding it enjoyable. It's ...
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