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First blog ramble...

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So I'm just waaaaay to lazy to bother posting my journal. If this means that it'll be deleted, I'm not too saddened. It's cool to re-read every once in a blue moon but it's about time nostalgia took backseat to progression. (oooh, that almost sounds scary. )

So I have absolutly no clue as to what a blog is supposed to be really, so I'm just gonna do as I usually do and talk about life. (My life to be exact, but you may have gone through similar stuff, so maybe it's yours too. :P )

Alot has happened since my last journal post... I don't know this for a fact as I've not checked when my last post was, but I'm pretty sure it's been awhile. Today was a particularly uneventful day but I got my hair cut again and although I really don't think it looks any better (I look much better with long hair) I do think it looks a great deal more respectable. (And joining the Army is a cause for looking respectable. Never know, might be an officer some day, riiiiight? xD )
My ship date is litterally like a week and a half away and to be honest I'm gettin' allittle bummed about not havin' a birthday... It really sucks. I've always tried to be strong when it came to this stuff, growin' up as poor as I did, I'd usually just shrug off not getting nice presents and stuff as no big deal, but this time I litterally don't want anything, it'd just be nice to have my mom and stepdad say happy birthday to me when I wake up late... I'll miss these lazy times. :')
We've recently come into a bit of money and that's been a blessing. Not just for the obvious financial benefit, but the fact that it just takes away lots of stress we'd have to deal with week to week. (sometimes we'd go on one paycheck for a month at a time, people say americans can't follow budgets, I dare them to tell it to my mom, she's super awesome when it comes to that kinda stuff, really makes me hope I can be financially savy when I start to earn my own money.) With this money came our ps3. I've of cource been playing games on it, but naturally it's not for me. I'm really like the only one who uses it now, since my folks seem to have lost interest in netflix. (As with money, came the time to rehook up tv. Something I could frankly do without.) So I've gotten a few games and have had super fun with it. It's been nice to play some modern games for a change, and get to enjoy them by myself. I usually had to play modern games at friends houses, and I don't have any friends (say for my step brother) that have a ps3. My favorite games on it are pretty old ones though, that I've known I would want the minute I got my hands on a ps3. MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles. I'm a raging fanatic of both series' (almost more so VC but they don't have many games... and I've already finished the anime. :'( ) Right now I'm just trying to finish the first game so I can get Mussad (A crazy awesome scout.) I really like how the overall plot is basically WWI and WWII. (They barly change the names, making it EWI-II respectively) I have oodles of respect for Veterans who've fought before my time, (I'd give up my soul to time travel and serve in past wars, that'd be hard, but I'm just that kinda patriotic wierdo.) so it really is cool to see all these people from the first Europan war and have them on my team. (For example, Mussad is a scout who's really proficient in Trench warfare, he gets stronger in trench senarios. Why? Well he served in the first europan war (WWI) that was trench city right there! )
Well damn I think I've rambled enough... Life's pretty good, but this waitin' is killing me...

In Blood,
Andrew J. Bealor

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