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Unexpected first christmas on 12/16/13

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The 16th was a decent day for me, volunteered at my former school. A lady came to the help desk later after getting her bill for her computer repair, and she had a problem with the internet browser having a hidden address bar. I fixed that for her and not much happened during my time at the school

(if you want to skip my story and get to the christmas part, feel free to do so. It will be at the bottom.)

After school I had my doctor appointment and that went nicely as well, had different therapy exercises and they went by pretty quickly. When I was done with everything at the office, I went out of the town I was in for my appointment (my doctor's office is located out of town) and headed back home.

On my way back in my town, I accidentally took a wrong turn after getting to one of the exits I needed to get off at and I got a little lost (whoops). Long story short I made it back.

Later, my mom called and asked me to pick up chicken tenders from our local grocery store. I went in and waited in line to order some for the family. On my way in line, I had the sudden urge to cause a scene by falling on the floor and yell "OWW, MY CARTILIDGE!" just for my amusement. I wasn't angry at anyone or being impatient, I just wanted to do something silly, however I resisted the urge to do so. I was laughing about the thought afterwards, I don't know why I found it so amusing but it was somehow making my night.

Fast forward to later that evening, my parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephews, niece, and I gathered around to open presents. Now the reason I called this an unexpected 1st Christmas is because I had no idea we were opening gifts that night, I thought we were going to wait until we were out of state to do Christmas #1 and Christmas #2.

I unwrapped the first present and recieved a zelda themed shirt which depicts a picture of links head, but within his head is a picture of The Lost Woods and Link, himself, standing before The Master Sword. I dub the shirt Linkception. Along with that gift, I also recieved Super Mario 3D World and it is actually really fun. The last gifts I got were in a bundle package and they were Romancing SaGa for PS2, and Tales of Xillia for PS3. Now I did NOT expect to get these last two games at all, especially the former one. I had many other items on my amazon wish list, but my parents have chosen those two over everything else I had prioritized which is a good, unexpected surprise.

In summary, the best gifts I recieved , in my opinion, are the Zelda shirt and the Romancing SaGa game. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to get all the other stuff, but those 2 took the top.

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