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I have a jorb...sort of!

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So after a good amount of job hunting, I managed to get into this place called Reliant Computers. Its a very teeny weensy little shop that sells computer stuff and they also offer computer repair, smartphone repair, tablet, printer, network troubleshooting, and network device repair as far as I know.

Where I stand in all this, I am basically trying out the business, a friend of mine who works there convinced the owner to allow me to come in and help out. The owner is currently out for a week so its just him and I. Its been pretty crazy but I'm managing to stay on top of things.

My car is currently in a repair shop right now because the night of my first day of job training, I JUST got out for the evening around closing and I only made it several week away form the business before I rear-ended someone. I'm ok, so is the person. The back of the person's minivan is only scratched up, but my hood got dented up and the radiator got slightly twisted so now I have to rely on my mom to take me to work in the meantime.

That's about the latest for me.

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