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The Legend of Legacy review by Sabin!

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I recently acquired this game as an early present, not only did I get the game, but I ended up with the collectors edition with the nice art book and a soundtrack cd that comes with 10 songs! Let me fill you in on this game whether or not you have played it.

The story is written by the person who wrote the story for Chrono Trigger. Artwork is done by the Mana art director. Character art has been done by the Romancing Saga art team, and the soundtrack is done by the composer for FFXIII.

First of all, anyone SaGa fans around here? this game basically uses Romancing SaGa/SaGa Frontier/Unlimited SaGa's battle system where you have formations, stat building, and weapon skills. It also has individual character stories with 7 different character which was something else that the SaGa games featured.

Now for a summary of the story intro: The game introduces you the mystery continent of Avalon, an ancient continent lost in time that suddenly reappears, 7 different characters in this game have their reason for exploring this mysterious continent and when they arrive they do not remember why they are there. The continent hold secrets to what has been left behind and it is up to the chosen ones to figure out the mystery behind Avalon!

And the final thing to comment on is the exploration. The game opens up as you progress, the cool part about the exploration is that, similar to FFIV 3D, you have a map you get to fill out. Also, when you explore, there are different exits to discover, when you discover them, you get to explore further parts of the area that you are in. As you're exploring the continent, objects pop up bastion style, so if you've played bastion before, this will look familiar to you.

One tip I must give you while playing is you need to save a lot, especially when things get dangerous and I'll tell you why. There are times you might walk into an event where a boss appears while exploring and you are forced to fight that boss monster. If you haven't saved at this point, you may end up losing your progress so it's highly recommended you save before you explore new areas in the game.

My thought's on The Legend of Legacy - This game is great! It is the stuff of dreams as far as rpgs go. The battle system is really well done, the music is good, I enjoy the story, and I like the character development. If you are into rpgs and have a 2DS, 3DS, or New 3DS, I recommend this game. I also recommend it if you like the SaGa games. If you'd like to try it before buying it, there is a free demo on the Nintendo eShop.

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