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  1. The Legend of Legacy review by Sabin!

    I recently acquired this game as an early present, not only did I get the game, but I ended up with the collectors edition with the nice art book and a soundtrack cd that comes with 10 songs! Let me fill you in on this game whether or not you have played it.

    The story is written by the person who wrote the story for Chrono Trigger. Artwork is done by the Mana art director. Character art has been done by the Romancing Saga art team, and the soundtrack is done by the composer for FFXIII. ...
  2. Disney, disney, and more disney!

    I haven't made a blog post in a really long time, how's it going everyone! Tonight I'm going to fill you in on the most recent event of my life which is going to Disney in the Orlando area. My friend bought season tickets which involves a primary pass and guest passes. My friend is obviously the primary pass holder and I have the guest pass.

    Moving on, starting wednesday last week, my friend and I went to a winter themed mini-golf course in the disney area which required the pass, ...
  3. Mario Kart 8

    Quote Originally Posted by nix View Post
    I have MK8 but havent played it yet, am i a dope?

    I usually played them with friends, after ya win all the CC circuits id imagine getting bored, so was gonna save it till some friends came around..

    Also not sure if i could play online, for some reason the net signal to the wii is really week, i had to move it downstairs to update it and dl wind waker..
    You can always buy a wireless range extender, set it up using your computer using your wireless network ...
  4. I have a jorb...sort of!

    So after a good amount of job hunting, I managed to get into this place called Reliant Computers. Its a very teeny weensy little shop that sells computer stuff and they also offer computer repair, smartphone repair, tablet, printer, network troubleshooting, and network device repair as far as I know.

    Where I stand in all this, I am basically trying out the business, a friend of mine who works there convinced the owner to allow me to come in and help out. The owner is currently out ...
  5. Unexpected first christmas on 12/16/13

    The 16th was a decent day for me, volunteered at my former school. A lady came to the help desk later after getting her bill for her computer repair, and she had a problem with the internet browser having a hidden address bar. I fixed that for her and not much happened during my time at the school

    (if you want to skip my story and get to the christmas part, feel free to do so. It will be at the bottom.)

    After school I had my doctor appointment and that went nicely as ...
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