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Reputation Restored

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The Reputation System has been enabled. The following changes have been made to the system in order to make it more user-friendly:
  1. The reputation user spread has been lifted. You are no longer required to find other people to rep before you can rep the same person on a different post.
  2. The daily reputation cap has been lifted. You can now rep as many posts as you wish.
  3. A comment is now required to give reputation. This is to make the system distinctly different than the Likes System. The Like System is a way of saying you like something without giving a comment, while the Reputation System is a way of telling a person why you liked their post.
  4. Negative Reputation is no longer allowed. This was causing more problems than any perceived benefits. If you disagree with someone, there are more mature ways of handling it than negating points from the person.

Note: The amount of points required for each level may be adjusted due to the removal of reputation caps.

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  1. SOLDIER #819's Avatar
    Likes in the Profile... Reps in the User CP. Gotta remember this stuff.
  2. Merlin's Avatar
    I believe there is a mod to make your rep comments publicly viewable in the Profile. I'm not sure if people would want that or not.
  3. Yoko's Avatar
    Rep is supposed to be anonymous. I don't really care if it's public, but I think others would care. Keep it anonymous.
  4. NikkiLinkle's Avatar
    I think reps should stay private. I mean, if I'm kissin' someone's ass because they made me laugh or whatever, I'd like for that to be private. So people don't think I'm a legit kiss ass. Yay for reps being restored!
  5. Merlin's Avatar
    Yeah, I think reps should stay private. If you want a public comment there is VMs for that.
  6. Rocky's Avatar
    where do i find the reps again? or my cp for that matter lol

    edit: disregard, I found it ^^;
  7. loaf's Avatar
    What everyone else is saying, keep them private. I don't want you guys seeing my sexy reps to Rocky and such.
  8. Dodie16's Avatar
    I like that not only can we see the reps we got, but also the ones that we sent. Pretty neat!
  9. Alpha's Avatar
    What am I doing wrong such that I'm not seeing what Dodie's seeing?

    I can find the profile > thanks one, but I'm not sure that this is the User CP. doneone wanna shove me in the right direction?
  10. NikkiLinkle's Avatar
    Go to settings. That is like user cp I believe. The reps you received are at the top and it tells you how many you have too. The ones you sent are below it.
  11. loaf's Avatar
    The Settings link is the User CP. I also like how you can see reps given but also that you can see more then 15 now!
  12. Rowan's Avatar
    yeah i have no idea where they are, help please? Things need not be this confusing.
    edit: found it. dont know why they would be located there though.
  13. Yoko's Avatar
    That's where they were located before. It just isn't as easy to access anymore. I wonder if the user CP tab can go right beside the activity stream in the second bar of options. Know what I mean? Like where it used to be?
  14. Merlin's Avatar
    The button makes more sense where it is located, next to Notifications and My Profile. Settings will be changed to My Account ​to make it more clear.

    You can also see it in your profile by clicking on the Thanks tab. Apparently there are still some places where the word "thanks" wasn't changed back to "reputation". I had to hand-modify over 500 of them, so it isn't surprising I missed a few.

    Edit: I have the thanks tab on everyone's profile but I think that is because I'm an admin. As a guest I don't see the thanks tab on people's profile. Can anyone confirm that members can't see it on other people's profiles? Thanks.
  15. Rowan's Avatar
    I didn't mean to be rude, Im glad the rep system was brought back.
  16. Merlin's Avatar
    OK the Thanks tab now says Reputation. Settings is now My Account.
  17. loaf's Avatar
    I suggest changing Settings "My Account" to just back to User CP.
  18. Merlin's Avatar
    User CP only makes sense to people who use vBulletin. My Account is the web standard name for what that page does.