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Experience Points 101

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In this post I'm going to explain a bit about the new Experience Points System. First, let's look at where you can find the main part of the system.

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Here you can see that I have circled the Experience tab at the top of the forums. By clicking the tab you will be taken to the Experience Point System and all it's oodles of information.

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This is what the Experience Points main page looks like. There are several tabs here which show you different information.

  • Insight Experience: This tab shows you information on your current level, how far into the level you are experience-wise, your activity level, and your various awards and achievements. The HP bar is the red bar under Level. As you gain levels you will gain more HP. Don't worry, you cannot lose HP. The yellow Experience Points bar shows you how close you are to your next level. Finally, the green SP bars show you how active you are. The more active you are, the higher your SP.
  • Ranking: Shows you how you stack up against the rest of the forums.
  • Group Ranking: Shows the top social groups. Similar to Ranking but for groups.
  • Awards: Information on the various awards you can earn. Only one person can hold any given award. For example, if you have the most referrers, you can earn an award. If someone else gets more referrers than you, you lose the award and it is given to that person. More awards will be added in the future.
  • Achievements: Achievements are similar to awards, but anyone can get them and keep them. Be careful though as some acheivements can be lost if you no longer meet the requirements for it. Not all achievements will tell you how to earn them. You'll have to discover the mysteries of how to unlock the achievements on your own. Keep in mind that we have forum rules and that breaking them in order to get achievements is NOT a wise move.

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This is how the Experience Points System looks in the User Profile of a person. You can see similar information to what you do in the main Experience Points tab at the top of the Forums.

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Finally, here is how the posts look now. The HP, EXP, and SP bars are at the top. In the left-hand sidebar you can see your awards and achievements.

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  1. che's Avatar
    Do we know exactly how to earn points? Do we get points for posting, points for replying, points for getting likes...etc.
  2. Merlin's Avatar
    You can look at your profile for a quick run through of the main ways to earn points. There are other ways to earn points, but they will be kept secret. Same goes for achievements. Some of them will tell you how to obtain it while others are intentionally kept secret to make things interesting.

    The system is still adjusting to the forums so certain things like activity may not be accurate yet. So before I get any "ZOMG why don't I have X achievement?!?!?!?!?" I am aware of it.