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  1. Coff9's Avatar

    That's quite a lot that's happened.

    I don't really know what to say, except that I'm glad to hear from you, and I hope everything works out.

    What's this about a YouTube channel? I'd like to check it out.

    Anyway, I wish you and yours the very best!
  2. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Technically, yes (I think), K9 units are to be leashed just like any other dog, except for when in pursuit of a criminal. However, this is super small town, USA, where the rules are what you choose them to be at the time. The dog's leash was in the officer's personal vehicle at the time, and it was the other cop that went to go get it after the dog had been hit. Real fine police work, truly. I honestly was laughing about it myself afterward.
  3. Unknown Entity's Avatar
    Oh dear! I'm sure the dog is fine. It's not your fault either - shouldn't all K9 units be on a leash anyway? I'm glad it wasn't worse, but don't beat yourself up.
  4. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    A Brave New World?
    My Kingdom Come?
    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub?
  5. loaf's Avatar
    Craiglist is chill. My thing is, inspect that mobile home well. Things like leaks, electrical, the smallest thing can be overlooked and then boom it's your responsibility. Even mold. But hey thats awesome! Moving out is a big scary step but usually worth it in the end.

    The New Journey?
    The Bright Horizon?

    Idk im bad with titles.
  6. loaf's Avatar
    Maybe it went into draft as a sign?
  7. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    This was actually a post made at the beginning of the month, but for some reason, it went into draft mode instead of posting it. Oh well.
  8. Rocky's Avatar
    Good to hear from you again and good job on your grades!

    You have a very interesting point of view and intellect that I respect from getting to know you through your stories. I'm glad to see you in higher education; the way you write and express yourself shows me that you would excel at college.

    Keep up the good work and carry on!
  9. loaf's Avatar
    Probably is better than I in the sack. ayy
  10. Lacquer Head's Avatar
    That awkward moment when you DO like sex and have a high sex drive...but you look like the goblin king from the Hobbit ;-;
  11. Pete's Avatar
    So wait, there was a cow involved? Sounds like some German stuff
  12. Rowan's Avatar
    We got to my room, and when they are comfortably on my bed, I have my way
  13. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Oh, it's quite okay. Things happened, I learned what kind of people my family really was, and I am better because of it.

    Thank you for your concern, and I am doing well.
  14. Coff9's Avatar
    and too old for crayon.
    That made me laugh out loud.

    I'm sorry to hear about your familial issues. Stuff like that can be really rough. I've been through some of that myself.

    Hope you are doing well otherwise!
  15. 01habbo's Avatar
    you will either think I am either too sensitive and should just suck it up,
    Neither, that sort of thing is not a joke it's just taking cheap jabs at you, you had every right to react how you did. He was in the wrong not you. There is a point where you have to say enough is enough and stick up for yourself.
  16. Yoko's Avatar
    Outlaw, this is a journal/blog. He has every right. Freedom of speech.

    Michael, things will always be tough before they get better. Keep your chin up. I know you're trying, but others just don't see it.
    Updated 12-03-2015 at 02:38 PM by Yoko
  17. OutlawTorn's Avatar
    You need to grow a ****ing pair, Swayne. The only person who can speak for, stand up for, and make your desires realities, is YOU.

    You have no right to bitch on an FF fan site when you couldn't say something to Larry then and there.
  18. Coff9's Avatar
    I'm sorry that happened to you.

    Stay warm out there!
  19. Coff9's Avatar
    Good luck with the updates!
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