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  1. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Congrats on three years, and Happy birthday!
  2. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    I used to get quite obsessive over the Natures and IV's of the Pokemon I caught, eventually it got to the point where I was just put off playing the games for a while. Now I'm not so bad, as long as their main attacking stat, like Mankey's attack, isn't lowered, or say a Geodude's Defense isn't reduced I don't mind too much.

    As for the battle with Misty, I'll cover it in my next blog
  3. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    Every time I would go up against Misty, Starmie would always resort to Water Pulse. I hate Water Pulse, because it seemed that it would always confuse my team. My strategy when I would play is having a party of 6 leveled evenly, and that is not always best. On average, the team would be at Level 15-18. Misty fights with two 19+ Pokemon.

    I also never take into account their natures and how it affected stats. I always liked Pokemon Contests more than Gym Battles. Natures were just an indicator I used to determine what moves would work best in contests. In LeafGreen and FireRed, I trained the Pokemon that were best suited for Contests and then trade them over to Sapphire and compete.
  4. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice, I've still got to travel through the Nugget Bridge and Cerulean Cape so that should boost my team's levels by at least 2 or 3. Misty's Starmie is definately going to be a formidable opponent this time around. I think the plan will be to take down Staryu with Mankey, and if he lasts long enough, maybe hit Starmie with a Rock Tomb before he goes down. Of course this is assuming that Rock Tomb will hit and that I'm not outsped and killed on the first turn. I think going all out with attacks will be the best strategy.

    I haven't had a Clefairy in a long, long time, usualy because they aren't in the most convineient of locations. Clefable make really good tanks though, once she gets some better attacks I think she's really going to shine. Jigglypuff are pretty fun too there's almost always a strong Normal type in my teams, they can be so versatile. Lickilicky's another favourite.

    I tend to evolve pokemon with stones (or by trading) when they start to lag behind the others, usually around level 30 or so, unless they learn a good move before their final evolution.

    I'm glad you enjoyed reading it cos I really enjoyed writing it haha. Gaming blogs are my favourite kind to write and read.
  5. Michael Swayne's Avatar
    That's an interesting combination. I am concerned that you may have difficulty against Misty. Despite having a type advantage with Ivysaur, at his current level Misty's Starmie will still be formidable. I am surprised that you don't have a Pikachu on your team to combat it, even if it would be a temporary teammate.

    Props to you for picking Clefairy as well. I am Jigglypuff guy myself, but Clefairy is cool too. Any plans on evolving her to a Clefable?

    If I were closer I would use my copy of FireRed to trade with you so you could catch them all (provided GBA games from two different regions are able to connect to each other).
  6. Rowan's Avatar
    hows Pandoras tower?
  7. Zargabaath's Avatar
    I did not even see that. I'll have to check that out.
  8. Andromeda's Avatar
    It specifically says you deal less damage when you switch out to manual. Which is a stupid condition for playing normally.
  9. Zargabaath's Avatar
    You can change the attack option to manual. Makes it so you must press the "A" button to attack. The dive command changes to pressing the joystick and down arrow, while hiding is just the down arrow. So it does offer more interaction. I played on auto and it can be tough getting around enemies when your character is close to the hit box and continues to attack.
  10. Andromeda's Avatar
    You can issue commands to your party members to target environmental things or strategies, but you don't actually get to attack. It's supposed to be an action RPG, but what's an action RPG if you can't actually press the attack button. So the pointless combat soured me on the game so fast I haven't the motivation right now to complete it, even if I play RPGs for the story, you need combat to be fun or at least interactive. Otherwise what's the point of it at all. I haven't played Sakaguchi's games from Mistwalker, but they're better than the Last Story just on a functional level.
  11. loaf's Avatar
    lol what?
  12. Andromeda's Avatar
    It failed on the one thing that should have been easy. It made player interaction in combat nearly pointless. It's all auto-attack, you don't push a button to attack the game does it for you. All you're doing is navigating the environment. The game would have been better as a visual novel if they didn't want you fighting.
  13. loaf's Avatar
    I hear The Last Story is a pretty decent RPG for the Wii.
  14. Andromeda's Avatar
    Probably because the Wii has almost no RPGs. ^^; It's easy to forget, I already own most of them and I have 4 Wii games.
  15. LocoColt04's Avatar

    I wasn't even thinking of RPGs at the time.
  16. loaf's Avatar
    Boom Blox will make you stay up all night. Beware.
  17. Andromeda's Avatar
    Yeah, I waited until the Wii was used and dirt cheap, only paid 55 for it because I didn't feel it was worth more. I actually feel it is worth even less than that, but came with a couple extra controllers so I didn't haggle with them. But it definitely has only a few worthwhile games.

    Muramasa get the Vita version if you can, it is far superior to the Wii version. If not, Muramasa is definitely a great game and very addicting to play.

    You forgot Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower, Loco. And learn from me, don't bother with The Last Story. It's a pointless game that plays itself, it's not fun, and I don't that say pretty much ever. I finished Time and Eternity, which is better than it. >.>
  18. Kurt Zisa's Avatar
    Thanks guys i'll have to keep a look out for those.

    I saw Boom Blox and Skyward Sword in the store and they both looked pretty good. I'm pretty new to Zelda so the changes made shouldn't be too much of a shocker lol
  19. LocoColt04's Avatar
    Outside of first-party titles:

    The Conduit (& 2) is/are the best FPS games on the system. All others have incredibly wonky controls and should be avoided.

    The Raving Rabbids series is a lot of fun - Rabbids Go Home is probably the best of the bunch. Not a huge need to buy all of them, but it's a good collection of minigames. Snagging just one, I'd say that one.

    No More Heroes 1 & 2 should be in everybody's collection. You get to charge the batteries in your beam sword by practically rubbing one out. Oh, and you save by taking a dump at home. Think of it as a totally wacky sandbox game where you get paid for doing random chores for people and then you kill bad guys who have ridiculous powers.

    de Blob has an addictive play style and fantastic music, but you can avoid its sequel. You hop around and restore color to a world where the overly controlling greyscales have attempted to remove it all.

    Disney Epic Mickey is also fantastic; but again, you can avoid its sequel.

    Muramasa is a phenomenal side-scroller hack'n'slash. Buy it or I will disown you.

    They remade Okami for the Wii and it felt COMPETELY natural. Complete brushstrokes to simulate brushstrokes? Yes, please!
  20. LocoColt04's Avatar
    ^ that.

    Also, Fire Emblem if you can successfully hunt one down.

    Skyward Sword was great - but beware, it contains twists on the traditional Zelda style.

    They did a Kirby 20th Anniversary collection. Super-recommend.
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