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    Damn, October 6, wtf chill out
  3. loaf's Avatar
    I don't really like Halloween anymore. More of a 50/50 these days.
  4. Pete's Avatar
    Someone probably started touching his weiner again, so he's got something better to do with his time haha
  5. Rowan's Avatar
    Was it cause ppl suck?
  6. loaf's Avatar
    che just stopped showing up and I know why lol.
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  8. Pete's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by loaf
    Don't lie, you're only back for the awards.
    Nah, I'm finally off a job that sucked the life out of me for 12 hours a day for the past 8 months. I'm no Chez.
  9. loaf's Avatar
    Don't lie, you're only back for the awards.
  10. loaf's Avatar
    I know he's on PSN all the time. Pretty sure Jin and I are a divorced couple now.
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    It's funny you mention that, loaf - Jin and I have been talking 2-3 times a week for the past month now. I should steer him directly into this journal entry haha
  12. loaf's Avatar
    I'd be more impressed if Jin posted.
  13. Polk's Avatar
    Great to see that you're doing alright, man. Your presence around here is greatly missed.
  14. Yoko's Avatar
    HE LIVES! Appreciate the update, Sir! Glad all is well ^_^
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    I moved to Texas.
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    Stay gold, pony boy.
    It's also what you could have said.
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    Pete, what a heart attack! Glad it was something as simple as an unplugged surge protector.
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    Thanks Dodie! Yeah, it kind of sucks, just because there was no reason for it, and the breakup was pretty mutual and amicable for what it was. There wasn't one single incident where it just HAD to end, but more of a drifting apart. I never saw the need for her to be petty about such things, even if it was just a ploy to make me jealous. But I guess she showed her true colors, and I think at least everything on my end is going pretty well right now.
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    Pete for best dressed TFFer!

    Congrats on the raise, and you're a better person than I for keeping your ex in your contacts for so long, and trying to keep things amicable between you two. I'm one of those that just like to have a clean break from someone after a split. Sorry things on her end got a little bitter and petty (condom call...wat...), it seems. :/
  20. Pete's Avatar
    Haha it was for a beerfest party we had in college. I was on team Somalia, being a pirate (hence the piratey getup). To make it funnier, I added the water wings
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