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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha
    I appreciate the effort you put into this post
    I appreciate your appreciation for that post.
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    I appreciate the effort you put into this post
  3. Alpha's Avatar'll find that all over the Internet. I'm curious as to whether you have a specific grudge for a particular person or thing that went awry? Because it seems kind of normal here to me.
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    lulz, that's cool guys. But seriously, I'm leaving for realz. I'm tired of the bullshit and putting effort into something and no one appreciating it. I'm taking Julie with me.
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    Breaks are good. I go on extended breaks for years at a time, so I would know!
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    Or she can hack Tel's account like he does her's. Then it'll be like he was never gone.

    Can I take over your whole "Anyhoooooooo Wuv, Yer Mom" thing until you get back? PLEASE? lmao
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    It's okay, she can like EVERYBODY'S POSTS in the meantime!!
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    xoxoxo You are the best lady and the best companion to have with me <3 Love yous! Also very happy you have internet after all :3
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    I'm sorry you feel blue...but it was great to read details of your trip. You'll be back soon! And someday it will be for PERMANENT. ^^ I will be by your side the whole way. <3
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    Mother 3: all the feels indeed. Happy, sad, anger, FRUSTRATION (FASSSSAADDDD!!!! )

    Nice list, sir.
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    FFVI hands down one of the best games ever. Best characters ever, best story, ending, etc.
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    Sound quality is bad, but this song is good, and they should feel good!
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    First Honorable Mention. Of too many to count.
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    <3 xoxoxoxox
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    This is the greatest list of the greatest songs by the greatest member of The Final Fantasy forums (a pretty great place...sometimes). Everyone who likes music will love this list, because it's so great!
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    Lots of character themes! Thank you for indulging my request.
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    I am stationed at Little Rock AFB. Sorry, I didn't see this before. And I don't think that would work, heh. Even though it should.
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    That sucks.... Wherefore art though stationed?

    EDIT: If he's that dumb, I'm sure you could get him to "drop and give you 30". lol
    Updated 04-23-2013 at 12:02 PM by noxious.sunshine
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    If only there were room to do Insanity, heh... And I'm the same rank as this kid right now, so...
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    Jay's solution for annoying kids.. Or newbies.. Burpees or some equally hard or harder exercise.. But then again, that's for kids in his company (he's a Corporal/Speshalist.. Nun fancy like yew).. He'll be done for good in November, though, so yeah...

    Also, it sucks, but taking on Insanity helps.. It helped Jay with his PT a lot, even though that means working out 2x a day and PT is already intense as it is.
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