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Final Fantasy I was the first Final Fantasy released in North America (1990) on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Being one of the first popular console RPGs ever, Final Fantasy's story was highly original. With many little quests and things to do, the game created an almost perfect fairy-tale atmosphere, with dancing brooms and sunken mermaid shrines. The "crystal theme" would be used again in the series' history. Each of the eight classes were visual distinct and suited to a very specific purpose.

The game became an instant hit and has now spun-off over 30+ individual Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy I set the foundation of what all other Role-Playing games would become and continues to create history as it continues to innovate and grow.

The world is out of balance; the elements are in revolt. Four young heroes, each with a darkened orb, must restore order to this chaotic world. Swords and sorcery will aid them on their quest; on this final fantasy. Four Light Warriors appear among the people, each carrying an Orb. Two thousand years ago, the Orbs shined with Light. Now, only darkness....

You are the Light Warriors, the world's only hope. You will journey all across the land, through dark caverns, into the depths of the sea, and even amongst the clouds, looking for some way to save the world from the plague that is slowly consuming it...

Game Summary

Final Fantasy I Details
Release Dates and
12-18-1987 (JP)
07-12-1990 (US)

1989 (JP)

WonderSwan Color
2000 (JP)
2002 (JP)
2003 (US)

Gameboy Advance
2004 (JP)
2004 (US)

2007 (JP)
2008 (US)
Publisher Square (JP), Squaresoft (USA)
Developer Square
Media Type Cartridge


Battle Scene (NES)
World Map (Remake)
Town (NES)

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FF1 Rating: 3.5/5
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