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Welcome to The Final Fantasy's Top Games List. With the vast amount of games now in the series, it is nice to know what the general consensus of each individual game is. Some games that you loved may have been crtiqued hard by others. Some of the games that you absolutely hated were praised highly by your friends. Now it is time to set the record straight and rank these games.

Each game shows it's invidual Crystal Rating (1 - 5, 5 being the higest), along with a numerical value and amount of unique votes it has received. Each game can only be voted once per user to help maintain accuracy. The list is updated daily. If you would like to vote on a title, just visit that game's section on the site and vote on the right-hand menu.

More titles are on the way. This is simply the top 10 games rated by our users at It is an opinionated list and shouldn't be percieved as factual.

Final Fantasy VII was Square's first RPG on the Playstation, in addition to being probably the most heavily advertised RPG (in the U.S. that is) of all time. It was the catalyst that has managed to bring a flood of RPGs to the States ever since then, and for that we are thankful. Or are we? In addition to being a major RPG on the Playstation, FF7 appears to also be a dividing line between RPG players. Many of the players familiar with Square's older games on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo disliked FF7 for a variety of reasons. However, many of the newcomers to the RPG world loved FF7, and will use it as the standard by which all other RPGs are measured.

Square Enix's first game to hit the PS2 was Final Fantasy X. It was highly anticipated, and for the most-part, the game met the fan's expectations. The vivid graphics and voice acting could keep any gamer entertained for hours. In addition, Square developed yet another unique leveling up system.

Final Fantasy VIII followed up the mega hit FFVII. Many old skool Final Fantasy fans were a little upset with the new title, but the new generation of fans loved it. With a more romantic story line and unique draw-system used for magic, this game definately is worth a try.

Final Fantasy IX serves as a great encore to the series as you know it. It's a summation of everything that players have enjoyed about the past ten years of Final Fantasy games and some.

Final Fantasy XI was Square's first MMORPG title to enter the market. This game pleases all walks of fans from many different angles. With an endless world full of puzzles, weapons, and monsters what isn't there to like? (besides the monthly fee). Square Enix is continually working on this game so it is always new and up-to-date with features.

FFVII Advent Children
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was actually the 2nd Final Fantasy titled SGI film to hit the big screens. The only difference is, this release was 2x better than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. This movie is what helped fuel the entire FFVII compiliation and has proved a success to many huge FFVII fans.

Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI (III in US) is what put Final Fantasy on the map of main stream commercialism. Not a real noticeable place on the map, but a fairly good one considering the dramatic success of this game. The large selection of characters, new unique Esper magic system, and great story line helped build this game to the top of every FF fans list.

Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics was the 1st of the series to go in a more 'strategical' approach... hence the title Tactics. The game involved all of the elements any FF fan enjoys; spells, knights, dragons, and more... but with a new gameplay style. With a very detailed and mature storyline to back things up, it is no wonder why this game always remains in the top 10 of any list.

Final Fantasy XII is the twelth installment to the series. Squre Enix appears to be going back to their roots with this one, but still giving it a new edge. This title will be the last release for the PS2.

Final Fantasy IV was the 1st Final Fantasy title on the SNES console. Many believed this game is what introduced the series to the RPG market. The game shared the most thrilling story-line yet and introduced fans to a great cast of characters. Many old skool gamers rank this title in their top 5 just because it is everything a RPG fan thirsts for; midevil castles, dragons, wizards, crystals, and more.

More titles are on the way. This is simply the top 10 games rated by our users at It is an opinionated list and shouldn't be percieved as factual.

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