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Thread: A Tale of Two Worlds

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    A Tale of Two Worlds

    In the world of Wynn there is a fairytale:

    Hundreds of years ago the world was unbroken, whole if you will. In time man became a conduit for all evil. This evil twisted man and corrupted them. In a last resort some of the most mystical of the human race split the world into two, sealing the evil of man with them that performed the sacred ritual.
    It is said that sometimes the sealed evil leaks back into our realm causing chaos. The monsters under your bed, in your closet, the made up stories of demons, vampires, and werewolves they are all true manifestations of the evil of old.

    In the world of Llystra there is another story:

    From the recesses of this world the darkness beacons. Slowly it awaits its time to strike and conquer all life. There is hope: the Yondle. They will continue to defend this world and the other. Sworn to never let the other world know of this world's existence we await for the day when the darkness will be completely extinguished.

    So the world of Wynn is just like modern day earth, with all its different cultures and technology. Hopefully you all can work with that and don't need more detail.

    Llystra is different: more of a dead world without much populace. Barren landscapes, ruins of cities, few populated areas with huts or tree huts. The Yondles are the nomadic/shamanistic people that reside in Llystra. They live quite peacefully only due to the intense hunting that some of the Yondle do. They hunt for food but also they hunt the Shade.

    The Shade are evil creatures that get their name from their appearance in Llystra. (They are shadow like) They vary in strength and intelligence but have the ability to cross over to the world of Wynn. On arrival they manifest into different physical forms (this is not very limited, so use your imagination) and begin causing chaos and destruction. Now the Yondle are also able to cross over and help prevent the destruction of Wynn. They do this by using part of a Shade. (Usually in the form of a amulet or trinket but not limited to that.)

    So the plot will be establishing the character base and what brings some of the people from Wynn into contact with the Yondle. Also the introduction of some of the main villains. This will more or less be setting the ground work on the lives of your characters. What makes them who they are and the interactions they have together.

    The central aspect of which will be the discovery of those from the realm of Wynn developing the ability to cross over to Llystra. During all this time the underlying threat of the Shades beginning a invasion into the realm of Wynn for reasons that will remain unclear till a later time. This invasion will be a lot more focused unlike that of the wandering of a sole Shade into Wynn.

    Lets try not to have everyone being some super yondle hunter alright?

    World: (effectively are you a Yondle or a Wynnite)
    Appearance: (Includes weapon, hunting garb, shade trinket if you're a Yondle)

    If you'd like to play a Shade pm me your skeleton and try to win me over.The major part of what takes place of Wynn will be around the city of Gnatut.

    Name: Abel Hill
    Age: 15
    World: Wynn

    Appearance: Abel is about 5'5 with brown eyes and olive skin and quite slender. He has short black hair that isn't ever kept. He tries to wear baggier shirts and pins the right sleeve, seeing as he has no right arm.

    Personality: Abel is your average fifteen year old disabled kid. He suffers from depression sometimes with the burden of his accident. However he doesn't allow it to get the best of him. He is a tad introverted but sometimes will try something new and talk to complete strangers. Tries his best to keep his temper in check but struggles with frustration over doing simple things sometimes.

    History: Abel was brought up by two wonderful parents in his estimation. They often spent their summers doing things like going to visit family and road trips. His family was quite well off and they always enjoyed what they had. His father worked very hard, as did his mother only really spending the summers together. He attended a school in his city and lived a pretty average life.

    It was last year during a soccer road trip. He and a few of his friends were traveling with his friend's mom. Abel doesn't remember much of it but the car ended up being totaled and he was the only survivor only losing his right arm. He went through some rehab and recovered slowly. He was unable to face going back to school or playing on the team so he managed to talk his family into letting him move to his grandfather's.

    So only a week ago he made the move to the city of Gnatut to his Grandfather's temple which is just outside the city. Getting ready to beginning attending school in a few weeks.


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    Re: A Tale of Two Worlds

    Just to let you know, I am interested, but I'm drawing a bit of a blan when I attempt to pull a character out of my ass. I'll have one up eventually.
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    Re: A Tale of Two Worlds

    Take your time there isn't a rush, just good to know there is some interest!

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