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Thread: Invitation code for Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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    Invitation code for Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

    Hello everyone,

    I am playing this new Final Fantasy and there is an event that every new user who inserts an invitation code after completing the tutorial wins a reward:
    - SR Lightning III summon
    - R Blitz ability
    - 2 X-Potions
    - 20,000 Gil.

    On the other hand the person who invited has the chance to earn some rewards too.

    Here is my invitation code:

    Lets fight together!

    Thanks all, see ya.

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    Red face Referral Code

    As you all have read there are rewards for referrals. I'm not going to stoop so low as to cheat the system by trying to figure out how to send myself refers. I ask for others to try the game, get into it, maybe you'll like it! All I ask is that you place my ID, 010e86a3 in after the tutorial is over. The 'Enter Referral ID' button can be found on the Airship page. Thank you to anyone who helps me out It's greatly appreciated and I hope to see the population of this game grow!

    Here's a link to the game;


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