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Thread: bLiTzBaLl fOr dUmMiEs

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    thanks now i can get an unbeatable team

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    Jul 2002
    I only started hiring new blitzers recently and now have a pretty unbeatable squad, apart from wakka...i haven't been able to find a good replacement for him

    LF - Wakka
    RF - Tidus
    MF - Nav Guado
    LD - Jassu
    RD - Brother
    GL - Nimrook

    Thats my team if u didn't already guess

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    Damn those Ronso!! They signed Ropp before I got a chance too. Also Larbeight and Vijora are on different teams. Oh well I guess I could just sign them once they dont get resigned. Or ill just stick with my team as it is.

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    Originally posted by Scattered-Brain
    I dont understand how you people are so good at the game. Ive played like 4 games and lost all of them like 4 to nothing! it seems really difficult. I always end up reading the tutorial over and over again to understadn it more but its crazy hard. Props to the blitzers!
    yea same here i suck at blitzball..just curious, do you get any movies or special scenes with tidus and aroch memebers if you win a certain amount of games, or the top prize or all you get is wakka's celestial weapon?

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    I dont think you get any movies or anything. And you get Wakkas weapon from the bartender in Luca. You have to either win 6 or play 6 games im not sure. You get the Jupiter Sigil and three more overdrives for wakka also.

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    my team is

    LF- tidus

    for this team i have one everygame so far also you must win 6 games and in tournaments and leagues you can win status reels attack reels and aurochs reels and the sigil will be offered after you win the reels

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    What happenes when you match up the blinking ones on auroch wheels because I cant seem to do it?

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    i only did it once but he did a single attack of 99999 to the only enemy there (Dont know if it hits all then) with an overdone aesthetic build up (Actually looked pretty cool). It seemed nothing special from my situation at the time...

    - Peace.

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    He attacks all enemies if you pull of a perfect auroch reel....attack reels is far better, especially if your good at it

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    Exclamation JECHT SHOT 2 IS GODLY!!

    I never used it before cuz Jecht Shot was good enough, but last night I had 5 opponents on so i thought id try it:
    From just inside my own half, knocked out 3 defenders, 2 others couldnt block it. Reached Keepa (CA of 24) with power of 11. I aimed top left (right in the corner) and scored.
    Every time i use it i put in top left and its only been saved once out of bout 20+ times.
    Just thought id say...

    - Peace.

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    I haven't seen that Jecht Shot 2 yet, cos tidus doesn't have all his key techs

    I have finally found a replacement for Wakka in my team here is my team now

    LF - Eigaar
    RF - Tidus
    MF - Nav Guado
    LD - Lakkam
    RD - Brother
    GL - Nimrook

    I seem to have gotten rid of all the original besaid aurochs team aswell......oh well

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    My blitzball team is eigaar,blappa,tidus,jassu,lakkam,and keepa. I know it could be better but I haven't lost in like 5 months. The only team I've ever had trouble with is the Al Bhed Psyches at the start when I had no good players but now Tidus averages about 10 goals a game.

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    I still can't get the hang of blitzball.I will try and get better this summer.

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    My team is:-
    Tidus(LF)- Level 45
    Zazi Guado(RF)- Level 43
    Brother(MF)- Brother is easily my best Blitzballer with a level of 66!
    Judda(RD)- Level 49
    Berrik(LD)- Level 41
    Nimrook(GK)- Level 50

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    Well, Like the traditional Besaid Aurochs Team.

    The only change after the tour is that i added wakka in stead of Wedge.

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    My team that record is 56-0-0

    LF - Tidus
    RF - Wakka
    MF - Shaami
    LD - Kiyuri
    RD - Ropp
    GL - Nimrook

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    i'd have to say that the one person who carried my team was Durren, who was my goalie. he was one of the first people i was able to sign and he had the highest CA of any other goalies in the league (very early in the game). so i was able to be unscored on for quite a while. tidus' Sphere Shot pretty much gave me the points until i learned Jecht Shot (don't bother getting JS2, it's not worth it and costs too much). then when a team dropped Biggs much later in the season i immediately got him. his invisible shot pretty much does the talking in most games. in any league or tournament i've participated in, i haven't been beaten and rarely scored on. durren barely gets any blocks because both my defensive players have high ATs and BLs and both have Brawler (make you participate in breaks from farther away) and finally status attacks (sleep, poison, wither, etc).

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    Blitzball is to easy. I recruited ropp )dont know where you get hi, forgot) and let go of letty because i dint hhave any gil when his conctract expired. i haven't lost in ages the aurochs get really good after a few games.

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    I haven't lost one game in blitzball.... ever. The last 20 games I played I haven't been scored on. Here is my team

    LF- Tidus
    RF - Wakka (I use him sometimes cause I'm bored, he just uses Nap Shot, puts th kepper to sleep, and tidus volley shoots it in_
    MF - Letty
    LB - Jassu
    RB - Nadia (she is just as fast as Brother, has a great tackle, and when I picked her up she already had her technique board filled)

    Note: I would have replaced Letty with Brother but Brother was signed early in the game to Kilika oh well.

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    I have the origional aurochs team, but I subed in Wakka for datto. So it's Tidus and Wakka up front, and everyone else back. Dun really know at the moment. Who thinks Rikku should be an available blitzball player? Anywho, I have nevr lost with my team.

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    My win-loss record is 56-1, the only time I've lost was the first match you have to play vs the Luca Goers, and then I've just kept on winning, and thats mostly just because of Tidus, I stick him in MF, so he can just swim straight forward, and when he encounters the defenders, I just use Jecht Shot or Jecht Shot 2!

    LF - Blappa
    RF - Wakka
    MF - Tidus
    LB - Gazna Ronso
    RB - Wedge
    GL - Keepa

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    LF - Tidus
    RF - (one of the psyches)
    MF - Wakka (just for the hell of it)
    LB - Brother
    RB - (one of the psyches)
    GL - Keepa

    I have never lost a game and can score about 12 goals per game if i really try, just gotta put brother in front iwth tidus.

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    I will also post their levels. I have also gone 88 games without a single loss. I find Tidus's Jecht Shot the best ever I just kick ass when I got. Brother really wins it for he's got the best speed of 91 so I can just fly through anyones defence. I'm to sign other players but I can't because they keep re-signing (those bastards!)

    LF- Blappa, 38
    RF- Tidus, 35
    MF- Brother, 77
    LD- Berrik, 37
    RD- Judda, 38
    GK- Nimrook, 34

    I was wondering where you find the goalkeeper Miyu?

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    my team consists of...Tidus(can score from own goal line)
    Brother(very fast to begin)
    Berrik,Graav,Jassu and Keepa. I have never lost a game and won the trophy early on.

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    lf- tidus
    rf- wakka
    mf- brother
    ld- kyou
    rd- berrick
    gl- jumal/kyou

    Not gotten that far in blitzball mostly use it for wakkas celestial weapon (sigil) highest level is brother at l37 then tidus at l35.
    Whoevers in mf usually gets the most action on my team, i try putting wakka there so he can level up quicker but hes crap, and his tackling is terrible, brother on the other hand ios a perfect allrounder, (sht=30, pa= 36, atk=24, blk=33)

    I havent heard many of you guys mention him in your team, although hes the stronges when he starts at level 1

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    One True Madali
    The easiest and cheapest way to win a blitzball game is to recruit Brother and level him up to around 47 and hell be incredibly fast. Just pass the ball to him and shoot from any distance at that level even with defenders and theres no chance of missing.

    My favorite thing to do is to run circles around my opponents when I m bored.They dont stand a chance against my super speed brother.

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    LOL.....Yea i do that to..... its like fishing, all u have to do is go near to them and theyll all follow u, I get all five following me and that just opens it up for tidus and wakka.
    Tidus doesnt really need it as he has the jecht shot but wakkas got some poor EN at about 23 and its mch easier with no1 there

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    haha well I suck at blitzball and for those ppl who doesn't play blitzball but need to win a few matches for wakka's overdrives and such, just get brother (the driver from the airship after u get the airship) he's fast so you'll definitely score at least one point in the match and as soon as you've scored one above the other team just got back to where your goalie is and just wait there until the 5 minutes is up, the other team usually just circles around their spot LOL it's a great way to cheat if u find yourself loosing all the time. of course u gotta past the ball if ur HP gets too low

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    I am really abdly addicted to blitzball its unbelieveable, every time i boot up FFX its straight to blitzballheres my team:

    Schanda (or something similar - found in the calmlands)
    Botta (i feel he is brilliant, as his tackles rock, and brill pass with Golden Arm)
    Biggs (Good player but still training him up)
    Keepa (In my eyes hes the best ^_^)

    I also won Jecht Shot 2 but said no one in my team could learn it, which was dissapointing, and i also think sphere shot is a brilliant tech, you can have your shot jump from 27 to 50 if you hit the x button at the right time! Its great.

    Irecommend it as it is a fullfilling game and i feel that Square should design an online version so people can play each other online and whip someones arse on the other side of the globe, which i find quite pleasureable!

    Peace and Blitz!

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    I have two questions:

    1) If a player only gains exp. by shooting, when he gains a level, will only his SH go up?

    2) Is there anyway to make sure that a player doesn't get resigned to a team after his contract has ran out?

    My Dream Team:

    LF: Tidus
    RF: Wakka
    MD: Vuroja (former MD of the Kilika Beasts)
    LD: Kulukan (former LD or RD of the Kilika Beasts)
    RD: Irga Ronso (former RD or LD of the Ronso Fangs)
    GL: Nimrook (former GL of the Al Bhed Psyches, still need to hire him)

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