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Thread: Date Sequence with Dagger?

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    Date Sequence with Dagger?

    I remember hearing from Zidane that if he won the Festival of the Hunt that he'd take Dagger/Garnet on a date. And if Vivi won, Zidane will help Vivi set up a date with her.

    Unfortunately, Freya won so I never saw what was going to happen. So I need to ask: Is there a date sequence with Dagger for either Zidane or Vivi if either of them won the Festival of the Hunts?

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    Re: Date Sequence with Dagger?

    Pretty sure nothing comes of that after the hunt is over. All that really goes on if Zidane wins is he gets 5000 gil, and if Vivi wins he gets a card. Can't remember which one it is though.

    After the winner of the Hunt receives their reward, that wounded Burmecian shows up and tells everyone that the Kingdom has fallen under attack by a bunch of Black Mages.

    That's what I remember of it anyway. Can't seem to recall any other time in the game where the outcome of the Hunt was of any importance.
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    Re: Date Sequence with Dagger?

    If I remember right Zidane says something about it to Dagger and she kinda brushes it off and puts it off "til later" but you never really see a date scene. Letting Freya win was prob your best bet anyways lol

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    Re: Date Sequence with Dagger?

    Too bad. I would've love to have seen Vivi on a date with Dagger. XD

    But yeah, in retrospect, Freya winning was the best outcome in terms of rewards.

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    Re: Date Sequence with Dagger?

    no, there's no date sequence, but the "date" is brought up again. Spoiler alert, just in case

    After Dagger loses her voice, Zidane finds her back at the telescope in Lindblum. When he's trying to cheer her up, he mentions it again

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    Re: Date Sequence with Dagger?

    what you should have done is save the game right before the festival of the hunt and then play out each of the scenarios and find out for your self, that way you can see all the possible scenes.
    personally I had zidane win the first time and freya the second and i didn't notice much of a difference in what happens at the end of the hunt, just different items.
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