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Thread: How do you pronounce the FF8 character names

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    How do you pronounce the FF8 character names

    How do you guys pronounce all of the names of the characters and GFs?

    Squall - Pretty easy. Skwall is how I say it.
    Quistis - I say Kee-Stus but some say Kwiss-tiss
    Zell - This one is said the way it's spelled
    Seifer - I say See-Fur but it's supposedly pronounced Cy-Fur
    Rinoa - I pronounce it the way it's spelled.
    Irvine - I say Err-Vine but some say it Err-Veen
    Selphie - Selfy
    Quezacotl - Kay-Za-Coat-ull
    Shiva - Shee-Va
    Ifrit - If-rit but some say Ai-Frit

    Some of the Summons are really easy to say (brothers and diablos) and some I haven't gotten yet so i'm not gonna mention them. So how do you guys say their names?
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    Squall - Like you, Skwall.
    Quistis - I'm guilty of saying it like Qwiss-tiss. Just feels better to me xD.
    Zell - Just like it's written.
    Seifer - I pronounce is Cy-Fur. Always been that way for me.
    Rinoa - Rin-No-Uh. Basically like it's typed.
    Irvine- Err-Vin. I think... it's hard to type it out as how you say it .
    Selphie - That would be for me like Sell-Fee.
    Fujin - Foo-Jin
    Quezacotl - Qwoz-Ee-Cot-Tal. I say it wrong but it is what I'm used to haha.
    Shiva - Umm She-Vur
    Ifrit - If-Rit (XD)

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    Let's see. Here's how I pronounce my game characters' names.

    Squall- Skwall
    Quistis- Qwiss-tiss
    Zell- Just like it's written: Zell
    Rinoa- Ri-no-ah
    Irvine- Ear-Vine (Yep, that's how I say it, lol)
    Selphie- Self-ee
    Seifer- See-fer, although my friend pronounced it "Suh-Fear", idk why.
    Quezacotl- Qweh-za-coat-el
    Shiva- Shee-va
    Ifrit- Eefreet
    Raijin- Rye-jin
    Fujin- Foo-jin
    Ultimecia- Ool-ta-me-see-ah
    Xu- Sue, but some say Zoo

    Hmm, I can't think of any more that I may pronounce differently.
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    I pronounce them as..

    Squall- Skwall
    Quistis- Kis-tis
    Zell- Just like it's written: Zell
    Rinoa- Ri-no-a
    Irvine- Ear-Vine
    Selphie- Sel-phie
    Seifer- Say-fer
    Quezacotl- Qwah-za-coat-el
    Shiva- Shee-va
    Ifrit- Ee-freet
    Raijin- Rye-jin
    Fujin- Foo-jin
    Ultimecia- Ool-ti-may-sia
    Xu- Zoo

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    Squall- Skwall
    Quistis- Kwiss-tiss
    Zell- Rhymes with Dell xD
    Rinoa- Ri-no-uh
    Irvine- Err-vin
    Selphie- Self-ee
    Seifer- Cy-furr
    Quezacotl- Quiz-eh-coat-el
    Shiva- Shee-va
    Ifrit- If-rit
    Raijin- Rye-jin
    Fujin- Foo-jin
    Ultimecia- All-tim-eh-see-yuh
    Xu- Zoo
    Kiros- Key-roce
    Edea- Ee-dee-yuh

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    Squall - skwall
    Quistis - kwis tis
    Zell - This one is said the way it's spelled
    Seifer - Cy-Fur
    Rinoa - I pronounce it the way it's spelled.
    Irvine - I say Er Vine
    Selphie - Selfy
    Quezacotl - quez a cotel
    Shiva - Shee Va
    Ifrit - If-rit
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    Emphasis in Caps

    Squall - Skwall
    Quistis - KWIS-Tis
    Zell - Zell
    Seifer - SIGH-Fur
    Rinoa - Rin- OH- Uh
    Irvine- Er- VINE
    Selphie - SELL- Fee
    Fujin - FOO-Jin
    Quezacotl - KEZ- Uh- Cot- Uhl
    Shiva - SHE- Vuh
    Ifrit - If-RIT
    Raijin- RAY-jin (also like Ragin', which I thought was clever)
    Xu- Zoo
    Kiros- KEY-Roce
    Edea- EE-Dee-Yuh

    Esthar- ES-Tar
    Laguna- Luh-GOON-Uh
    Balamb- BAH-Lam
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    Squall- Skwall
    Quistis- Qwiss-tiss
    Zell-: (Zell)
    Rinoa- Ri-no-ah
    Selphie- Self-ee
    Seifer- Seye-fer
    Quezacotl- Qweh-za-coat-el
    Shiva- Shee-Va
    Ifrit- Ee-freet
    Raijin- Rye-jin
    Fujin- Foo-jin
    Ultimecia- Ol-ta-me-see-ah
    Xu- Sue, Zoo is how I say it

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    Squall - Skwall
    Rinoa - Rin-o-ah
    Selphie - Sel-fee
    Zell - Zell
    Irvine - Err-Vine
    Quistis - Kwiss-Tiss
    Seifer - Cy-Fer
    Edea - Ed-e-ah
    Raijin - Ry-jin
    Fujin - Fu-jin
    Laguna - La-goo-na
    Ward - Ward
    Kiros - Kee-ross
    Xu - Zoo
    Quezacotl - Kwet-za-coat-ll
    Shiva - I used to say Shiver because she is Ice elemental, but now I realise it's Shee-va
    Ifrit - If-rit
    Ultimecia - Ult-i-me-sha (like in Dissidia, but I've always said it like that)

    Esthar - Ess-star
    Balamb - Bal-am
    Galbadia - Gal-bay-dee-ah

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    Squall- pretty easy
    Zell- Pretty easy
    Quistis- Kwis-tiss
    Selphie- Sell-Fie
    Irvine- Ir-veen

    Also, most of the GF's are named for gods from ancient mythology. For example: Odin is Norse, Quetzecotl is for the Aztecs (pronounced Ket-ze-cot-el (or something like that)), Shiva I believe is Hindu, etc, etc. The ones who aren't named from mythology are pretty simple, like Brothers or Cactuar.

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    Here's my interpretations:

    Squall - Skwall
    Zell - Like its spelled
    Rinoa - Rih-no-uh
    Seifer - Sigh-fur
    Raijin - Rye-Shin
    Fujin - Foo-Shin
    Edea - Eh-day-uh
    Ultimecia - Ul-ti-mesh-uh
    Irvine - Ur-Veen
    Selphie - Sel-fee
    Quistis - kwist-is
    Quezacotl - Kayz-uh-cot-uhl
    Xu - zoo
    Esthar - Es-thur
    Balamb - Buh-lam

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    Re: How do you pronounce the FF8 character names

    Seifer I used to pronounce Sef-i-er. I think I was just lazy and misread the spelling and just got used to it.

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    Re: How do you pronounce the FF8 character names

    Never really thought about it before, but 8 was laoded with unwieldy names <.<

    Squall- Skwall
    Quistis- Key-stiss
    Zell- umm... Zell
    Rinoa- Rih-noh-uh
    Irvine- Er-Vine
    Selphie- Sel-fee
    Seifer- Sie-fer,
    Quezacotl- Kee-zih-coat-uhl
    Shiva- Shi-vah
    Ifrit- Eefrit
    Raijin- Rye-jin
    Fujin- Foo-jin
    Ultimecia- Ul-tih-mee-shah
    Xu- Zoo
    Edea- Eh-day-uh
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    Re: How do you pronounce the FF8 character names

    quistiss: kiss-tis that what i named my old kitty and called her kiss-tis lil kizzy quistis!

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