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Thread: Gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.5 for FF7 PC

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    Gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.5 for FF7 PC

    DOWNLOAD v1.0.6

    Youtube channel

    For windows. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Get the 32 bit version here or the 64 bit version here. Your computer should have it, unless you never update (if the program runs, you have it).
    For Linux: The program should be more or less compatible with Wine, but I haven't tested.

    Select the ff7 data folder and which files to patch. It's easy.
    If it's your 1st time patching you should pick all files, unless you don't want new bosses, equipment tweaks etc (see the "info" in the patch application). On updates after v1.01, there is no need to patch flevel.lgp and battle.lgp.

    To fix the MDEF bug in the game I would suggest using Aali's custom graphic driver.
    Mdef bug fix by NFITC1 and dziugo. Get it HERE!.
    How to use it is explained HERE!

    Files updated in 1.0.5: scene.bin, kernel.bin, flevel.lgp and ff7.exe.
    New in 1.0.5 (19.10.2011):
    • Fixed Seph's AI (again(?), kernel.bin)
    • FF7.exe will be patched for limit breaks. Each level 4 limit ignores defence.
    • Summons are a bit stronger (kernel.bin).
    • Command Counter is in the blue materia cave (flevel.lgp).
    • Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
    • The Mount Nibel Dragon's AI is heavily tweaked. Easier to escape from early on.
    • Fixed the "Pick Install Folder" for 64 bit OS.
    • Fixed some bugs in 3 Northern Crater fields (flevel.lgp).
    • A new "Restore Backups" button.

    What it does:
    Basically boosts the game difficulty. This mod mainly strives to refresh the gameplay by sticking to the original settings, BUT it also tweaks some enemy AI, spell effect, equipments, etc, for different reasons. For instance, there are quite a few bugs in the AI and field scripts. Most of these have been fixed (all I know of). Also, many equipments, spells and enemy skills are useless, gets obsolete and/or are overpowered or cheap. Thus some equipments and attack effects are tweaked in an attempt to balance things out. With the above said, keep in mind I try to keep all things as close to the original as possible while refreshing the gameplay. I don't want a new FF7, I want a refreshed, more difficult FF7.

    This mod also add some new enemies and bosses to the game. Basically at every summon materia there is a new boss.
    For more information, click the "info." button in the patch application.

    Possible issues:
    The patch will not overwrite files in battle.lgp. If you have added new battle models to battle.lgp, models with same names as mine will not be touched. This will make the game likely to crash when you encounter these models in-game. To avoid this, simply rename your models. My models starts with name sn**, and ends with ud**. Which means you can start at ue**.
    This will only be a problems if new models were added to battle.lgp, not replaced.

    Scene.bin, kernel.bin, kernel2.bin and several field files in flevel.lgp will be overwritten. To avoid inconsistencies with any translation project you may want to not patch kernel2.bin. The field files overwritten by this patch usually don't contain much dialogue (See the log file (after the patch is done) to see which files inside flevel.lgp that were overwritten). For more info.on the files: read the info. in the patch app (click info.).

    There is a new boss here if you haven't picked up that materia yet (Omega):

    If you use Aali's custom graphic driver there will be a glitch on one of it's attacks that crashes the game. This glitch is NOT a problem with my mod, and will occur on 1 other enemy in the game (Emerald weapon) if you use Aali's cgd. It looks like it's a problem with fancy transparency. Open ff7_opengl.cfg and turn fancy_transparency off. (at least v0.7.3b and below. If you use a newer version this glitch may not appear. All versions are here).

    If you wish, you can donate your own mod, and in future releases I will include it as an option in the patch. PM me and we'll take care of it.

    Thanks to:
    Qhimm forum members.
    M4v3R: Scene Reader and Scene Edit.
    Lord Ramza: Scenester
    Squall: Hojo
    Borde: Kimera
    Synergy Blades: Meteor
    dziugo: 9999 Limit Breaker (for testing purposes)
    NFITC1: Wall Marked and Proud Clod
    Christian Maas: Hex-editor XVI32
    And myself for awesome handsomeness!!
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