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Thread: FF V: Important Things Everyone Should Know

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    FF V: Important Things Everyone Should Know

    I thought I posted this once, but I'm going to repost it whether I have or not as I think it's beneficial to those playing it.

    Ok I have just finished my trek through this game and here are the things you will need to know if you choose to perfect this challenging Final Fantasy title.


    Ok do not be disuaded by the ABP amounts. You might notice early in the game that it gives you but 1 or 2 ABP for killing 3 or 4 monsters, it's not degenerative or based upon your level at all. It's simply a group amount that the programming of the game has prefigured for that battle formation, everytime you fight that specific battle.

    So just relax alright, it gets bigger and you will eventually master all the jobs if you are relentless at it.

    Geomancer Effects

    These are totally random and dependant upon the terrain that you are fighting on. There are some that even I have still not seen, such as Waterfall or that Stalagmite one. It's fairly annoying since I wanted to see them all, but they are random and you have no control over it. However as a Geomancer you have the possibility of using any one, it's just whatever the game chooses to use.

    Blue Magic

    Alright Blue Magic is kind of touchy, the nice thing is when one character learns it all the rest of them do as well. Most can be found from a multitude of enemy types, as stated in the guide or in FAQ's on the net. However I will list the ones I found tricky or hard to get here for your convenience:

    Lvl 2 Old
    Lvl 3 Flare
    Mind Blast
    Aero 3

    Guardian can be learned from the Stingray monster who is in the enclosed water area south of the Phoenix Tower. Roulette is ridiculous and can be learned from the Death Dealer monsters in the Chain Tower of the N-Zone. Condemned can be learned from the last battle in World 2 with X-Death. Or it can also be learned from an enemy called The Damned, they are found in the Solitary Island Temple or in the Pyramid in certain treasure chest battles. Aero 3 can be attained from Ultragigas who is around the library of ancients or whatev it's called, however he doesn't appear until World 3.

    Mind Blast I think can only be learned from that boss named Stoker, so literally go into the battle with all 4 characters having Learning equipped, and wait until he casts it. I find that he only casts it once per battle, so good luck if you don't use Learning on everyone. Lvl 3 Flare and Lvl 2 Old were bitches, because it seemed the Level checkers or anyone else did not want to cast it on you. Nor will they if you use Control on them, for some reason it just targets the enemy group. With this in mind cast Reflect on the enemy, after/before the enemy is doesn't matter. Then use there Blue Magic Skill and it will reflect and hit back on your party whoever is a multiple of the level in question.

    The rest of them I found easy to retrieve and noticed in multiple locations in the game. So if anyone needs to know about a specific Blue Magic skill, just pm me or make a thread and I'll post the whole ****ing list for you.

    Stealing Trick

    I dunno if anyone else knows this, but this is really good to know if you don't already. Ok if you are trying to steal a rare item from an enemy, and it keeps giving you the common item, equip a character with Time Magic and another character with whatever steal ability you want. Use steal, mug, or attack with the theif's knife and if you don't get the item you want, then whoever has Time Magic just use Return and the battle will start over again. Giving you another chance to steal the item you want.

    However a thing to remember is this, if Shin-Ryu is whooping your ass in the N-Zone and you've read the guide and are trying to get Dragon Lances for all your characters. The Return trick will only get you one item per battle. Meaning you can't steal a Dragon Lance from a Crystal Dragon, then use Return to try to steal another one and leave the battle with two. Basically once you hit Return it will send you back to previous everything as if the battle hadn't occurred, I'm talking HP, MP, everything...including your item tally.


    You change abilities and it gives you this everytime...pretty annoying isn't it, because then you have to remove this and equip something else that doesn't hurt you or have negative effects. Well I did some research on this and had a member on this site tally all the information for me and make a chart about it. So here is what works and does not work while using Bonemail, in case you try to apply it in your own strategy.

    With Bonemail equipped;
    -Blood sword will have the same effects as it normally does;
    -->Healing undead enemies and damaging yourself
    -->Damaging living enemies and healing yourself
    -If you cast Death on yourself while still alive it restores HP comletely
    -If you cast Death on yourself while knocked out, it re-targets another party member, killing them
    -If you cast Bio on yourself, you will absorb initial damage(healing yourself) but your health will still degenerate as you are poisoned
    -->Once poisoned, status cannot be removed until the end of battle
    -!Critt healing abilities will still damage you as you are undead

    This being said there is no way to actually revive a character with the bonemail equipped but there are multiple ways to restore thier HP, all of them having slight drawbacks.

    Hidden Items

    Ok there are some seriously hidden items in this game that are mentioned either infrequently or not at all, so here is a quick overview and where to get them should you choose to do so.

    - this is the strongest Katana weapon in the game, it can only be attained from the Yojimbo enemies in the N-Zone. I suggest you use the Stealing Trick to get it in one battle, because it is rare.

    Giant's Glove - you can only recieve this item from stealing it from Azulmagia the boss, again..use the Stealing Trick so that you don't have to keep walking back to restart this battle.

    - this is a rare drop from the Twin Tania enemy and it's the only place you can get it in the game, keep resetting after beating him until you get it, or you'll never have another chance to get it.

    - can only be stolen from the Black Warlock in X-Death's castle, so get it when you run into him or you may not have a chance later.

    - I can't even remember this may be able to get it elsewhere but if you haven't by the time you fight Halycanos, get it then or you won't at all.

    Genji Equipment - ok I am referring to all the battles you fight with Gilgamesh here peolpe. Everytime you run into him and there is something to steal you have the chance of getting one of the pieces of his Genji equipment, helmet, shield, gloves. If it gives you something like a Potion or Pheonix Down, either use Return or hit reset because there is nowhere else where you can get the Genji Equipment.

    Forged Sword - alright if you haven't listened to a word I have said then you may have looked at an FF 5 FAQ on gamefaqs and seen this entry for an item. The Forged Sword stolen from Yojimbo...well it's the same thing, different name probably for the Japanese version...but it's the Strato(mentioned above) in the American version.

    Murasame - again...a mistranslation or change in translation. It states this is stolen from the Ninja enemy, but if you get the rare item in a steal from him it's actually the Ichimonji sword that can be bought in stores late in the game. So nothing exciting here...

    Dragon Lance - this item can ONLY be stolen from the Crystal Dragon monster in the last levels of the N-Zone. Once you teleport to the blue spacelike zone, he is found most appearing on that first level. Use the Return steal trick to get the lances as fast as possible, or it could take forever trying to refight him to try to mug one from him.

    Dragon Beard - hardest weapon in the game to get. Option I, is you can fight Stingray's forever and hope that one drops one. I tried for hours and they never did, i suggest option 2. Option 2 is fight Shin-Ryu and keep using the Steal/Return trick listed above until the game gives you the rare steal of this item, than have everyone Jump with Dragon Lances equipped on everyone and continue that until he's dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobain
    This being said there is no way to actually revive a character with the bonemail equipped but there are multiple ways to restore thier HP, all of them having slight drawbacks.
    This is a hella useful item, but it's a bit hard to use so I thought I'd say a few more things about it:

    - Draining HP works normally while this is equipped. If you need to heal yourself, this isn't a bad way to do it. Black Mage's Drain and Magic Knight's Drain Sword are both decent choices, but I find equipping Dragoon's DragonSword and using it every turn (instead of your basic attack) keeps you HP pretty close to full all the time. Blue Mage's BloodSuck (or Vampire, or whatever it's called) is also fairly good, but you have to be at low HP for it to be effective. Although speaking of Blue Mages...
    - White Wind heals you. This is hands down the best technique in the game to pair with Bone Mail. I used a Blue Mage with Dragon Sword as my secondary to keep my HP and MP up, then tossed out White Wind to heal the rest of my party; should my Blue Mage's HP get low, I used Blood Suck to recover half of it. However, there were times I wished I could have cast a full strength White Wind to heal a near-fatal bonemailed Blue Mage, so maybe having your Blue Mage be something else would be a better idea.
    - Stuff that restores your HP to "full", instead drops you to critical. This includes Elixirs, various chemist mixes, etc. Keep this in mind for doing to other undead enemies.
    Obviously Life/Phoenix Down/Chemist's Revive kill you. Don't do them to yourself. In fact, in general, Chemists and Bone Mail don't play nicely together.
    - Bone Mail blocks most negative statuses, including Poison. It does not block the HP leak onset by Bio (which is not poison), so I don't recommend using Bio to cure yourself.
    - Bone Mail gives you a weakness to Fire. Equip a Flame Shield or Flame Ring to circumvent this.
    - Bone Mail also gives you a weakness to Holy. Nothing casts holy on you anyway, so don't worry.
    - As Cobain said, there is NO way to revive a KO'ed bonemailed character. Keep a Time Mage around to cast Return if your character gets KO'ed.
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    do any of you people know were i can het painkiller the game cause i cant get it in sa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaverion View Post
    do any of you people know were i can het painkiller the game cause i cant get it in sa
    This is not relating to FFV, please post this in the General Gaming forum, and please stop spamming, posting 1 lines is against the rules.
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    You know, in reference to the bonemail info, I have a (kinda) strategy for using it.

    Try making your character a Sorcerer. Try using magic blade with drain. The constant drain can keep your undead dude alive. I actually had a mastered hunter/Ranger and got the 4-shot ability. Equip bonemail and the blood sword and then use that 4-shot ability whenever you are in critical health and you will usually full heal yourself.

    A good guide though. Thanks for the return info.

    I do have a question though, okay so I can't seem to remember the name of the monster but there is a tower where you have to split your team up and I can't beat the second monster. The first is the one who casts holy and whom after you defeat you get holy. I never have a problem with him but I can't beat the other one. No matter what I do he uses return to counter and I can't seem to do enough damage to kill him in one hit. Is that the only way to beat him?
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