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Thread: Secret Weapon's Opinion Thread on FFV

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    Secret Weapon's Opinion Thread on FFV

    I bought this when I got back from my AIT training in Virginia and OMG, it blew my mind. I didn't think this game was that good but it's now my 2nd fav. FF.

    I damn near did everything on this game though. I mastered every class, beat Enuo, Omega Ver. I & II, Shinryu and Neo Shinryu (though Neo was a pain in the ass and you can only depend on luck, Dragon Lances, and power to defeat him) and the story mode. I LOVE this game so much, it would've been my fav. if FF7 wasn't already.

    My opinion about this game overall is Freelancers kick ass after you master all the classes (took me over a month to do, OVERKILL on those Movers).

    What do you guys think about this wonderous game?
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    Re: Secret Weapon's Opinion Thread on FFV

    I like it. I don't like how it seems to take forever to level up characters' stats, which means that I'm stuck grinding at the end of the game and very little ways to upgrade. I do love the Catapult (secret bases always are cool with me), the funny writing, and the enormous customization ability.

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    Re: Secret Weapon's Opinion Thread on FFV

    Although I had fun with this game, two things I don't like are the badly translated script in Anthology, and as Hamlet said it requires too much grinding later on in the game to get the best out of the job system; I remember getting only one AP per battle even in the final dungeon. I found that if you go through the game without making a conscious effort to level up, you will be able to master about two job classes before the final battle. With a greater understanding of the job system now, I can use this knowledge to plan more wisely the next time I go through the game.

    I liked parts of the story. It had some interesting ideas, such as the N-Zone, in addition to the worlds separating and re-merging, although as many people say it wasn't as fleshed out as the stories in FFIV and VI. I remember there was a lack of depth in certain areas, such as Bartz saying "No reason." when Galuf asks him why he left his home world knowing he could never return. There could have been a lot more elaboration here. After all, his parents had died and he had already explored all of his homeworld. The villain he was seeking had fled to another world, and he had nothing to lose, nothing keeping him from leaving. Square could have implemented this, but they didn't bother. Another thing is that X-Death wasn't given much of a background. I may be wrong but I can't recall exactly who he was, other than a dark wizard the original Dawn Warriors sealed away thirty years before. It was never explained why he wanted to destroy the world. He just came across as some cardboard cut-out evil villain wanting to destroy everything for no apparent reason, and this was pretty disappointing after the depth of Golbez and Zemus in FFIV.

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