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Thread: How Long does it take to Beat FFV Start-Finish?

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    How Long does it take to Beat FFV Start-Finish?

    I just got FF Anthology and Origins for PS1 and I am interested in starting a new Final Fantasy V game, just curious how long on average you guys think it'll take me to beat the game? Think I can do it in under 24hrs?

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    If you can breeze through the storyline it might be a possibility. Just get a bunch of money and abuse the crap out of the Samurai's Giltoss ability, and you can roll over any battle you so desire.

    I wouldn't say 24 hours, but I bet you could beat it in around 30 hours if you know how to cheese all of the bosses with the overpowered Samurai class.
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    You could probably beat it in a day, but then again it's taking me a while but only because I've been taking my time, trying to get everything. If I really wanted to beat it in a day, I would probably play nonstop and breeze through all of the text. Yeah Samurai gill toss would be your best bet as long as you keep Gil at hand. If not, Sword dance I remember caused really good damage plus Dual-wield. I think it was from Dancing Dagger or something? haha. The only bad thing is that it doesn't work every time.
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    Well, I'm on about 10 years... Haven't touched it since 2000.

    The story itself is pretty short, you just have to make sure that your character levels are high enough so that you don't get destroyed. I made the mistake of breezing through the story, and towards the end of the game, I was very underleveled. Random encounters kicked my ass and caused a fair amount of game overs. I'd peg it to at least 30 hours.
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    No matter how fast you want to go through it, you must level and train regardless. If you not you will get you ass smashed.

    In 24 hours I don't think so, maybe in around 30-35 hours. I am on about 70+ hours but I spend that much time on every FF.
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    Basically, I think I beat it in 25 hours. O.o I don't remember how long I actually needed to beat it, but it wasn't that long. But I didn't want anything but playing the story. If you only play through the storyline it doesn't take long. Sometimes you have to level up for quite a while, but that's it.
    If you like the job system you might take longer. XD" I didn't like it, so I just sticked to one job for each characters - it was quite easy that way. *hehe* ^^"

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    I don't know if you would be able to do it in 24 hours but as a fortune cookie - or as I call them Confucius cookies - once told me, "Everything is impossible until it has been done".

    I think though on an average run through the game it will take around 32-35 hours; if the player decides to master quite a few jobs then around 42 hours. I was able to master all the jobs I wanted to become Super Dawn Warriors in 42 hours.

    Gil Toss is an easy way to go through the game, however, Gil Toss blazes through the player's stash and Final Fantasy V is one of the harder FFs to procure large sums of gil needed to use Gil Toss frequently.

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    If you are an expert of FFV then it will not take more than 25 hours.
    But if you are a normal player then it can take upto 35 hours to complete it.

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    it took me 26 hours to get to the last boss, but i finished it at about 29:50
    pretty long game for it´s time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vandy160890 View Post
    If you are an expert of FFV then it will not take more than 25 hours.
    But if you are a normal player then it can take upto 35 hours to complete it.
    An expert would beat the game in under 6 hours.

    Unless you aren't expert enough for a speed run. Then I dunno, 25-30 hours.
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    Re: How Long does it take to Beat FFV Start-Finish?

    Well, I've been playing about 12 hours. And I've just entered the second world.
    This is my first playthrough!

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