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Thread: Galuf or Krile?

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    Galuf or Krile?

    Who do you prefer between these two character? Personnaly, I don't dislike Krile, but I found Galuf to be a better character (by ''acting'' not by stats)

    What about you?

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    I liked Krile more. Galuf was too old for me. He already knew lots of things and he could fight quite good, but he was just... a grandpa. xD" Krile had a young spirit and was fighting for her grandpa - that was quite awesome. x3
    I liked her character, she was a bit sad at the beginning but she recovered soon and then she was a really nice girl. x3

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    I'll go with Galuf! He is plain awesome! It's a bit of shame that he died later on the game... I thought that he was an better adition to the story than Krile... But Krile is not to shabby either.
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    krile i liked more

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    I hated having Krile, She has a big head. I was so bummed when I lost Galuf. I based my jobs on skills that I thought suited the character. So now I have a Bigheaded, blonde, little girl with jobs like Ranger and beastmaster....If I kew I was going to loose Galuf, I would have given him jobs like dancer and song bard. I would have rather had the turtle join my party, or Gilgamesh.
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    An easy decision to make this is. My vote goes to Galuf for being a very colorful character. His dialogue with Bartz often ended up being hilarious. Galuf was an old man who knew how to joke and relax during intense situations. Krile lacked the funny bone that was every bone in Galuf, she had more emotional value to me, but Galuf was solid enough there to let that not overcome my decision.

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    Re: Galuf or Krile?

    Galuf!!!!! he was a funny old coot i loved him i was heartbroken when he died
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    Galuf or Krile?

    Galuf, one of the legendary four warriors and a bad ass!

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    I'm torn. They both have their pros and their cons, but I think I'm going to go with Krile. She's just so bloody adorable.
    Galuf was amazing, so don't get the wrong impression; the difference in likability is literally micrometers for me. Although, I can agree with Gypsy that some classes just don't look well on her, like Summoner or Blue Mage.

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