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Final Fantasy IX was the ninth installment to the Final Fantasy series and the last Square released for the Playstation in November of 2000. Following up it's recent predeceders, it had a lot to live up to. Final Fantasy IX went back to the roots by having unchangeable classes for all characters, but also introduced Active Time Events, a new mailing network called Mognet, another new mini game called Tetra Master, and a new set of abilities.

The game received generally positive reviews but didn't quite live up to the hype expected now for a Final Fantsay title, however, some enjoyed how the game went back to more of a "fantasy" feel with large castles, crystals, wizards, and other elements that helped make the franchise popular.

Queen Brahne of Alexandria has begun using highly-advanced magical weapons to terrorize neighboring kingdoms. Her daughter, Princess Garnet, runs away from the castle and befriends a group of good-hearted bandits lead by a skilled thief, Zidane... More

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Final Fantasy IX Details
Release Dates and
07-07-2000 (JP)
11-14-2000 (US)

Playstation Network
05-20-2010 (JP)
06-15-2010 (US)
Publisher Square
Developer Square


FFIX Steiner The Knight Steiner
FF9 Vivi The Black Mage Vivi
FFIX battle Battle

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FF9 Rating: 4.3/5
(1767 votes cast)

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